Models Own at Littlewoods: The Review

27 July 2013

Models Own at Littlewoods
Models Own at Littlewoods
L-R: Copper Pot, Golden Green Beetle Juice, Emerald Black Beetle Juice, Gold Rush & Pinky Brown Beetle Juice

So, when Siobhan got in contact from Talented Talkers to ask if I'd like to review the nail polish of my choice from the Littlewoods site, it was an easy decision for me.. Models Own are my go-to nail polish brand when in need of something bright, glitzy and statement.

I was kindly gifted* 5 Models Own nail polishes, including: Copper Pot, Golden Green Beetle Juice, Emerald Black Beetle Juice, Gold Rush & Pinky Brown Beetle Juice.

So here is my rundown of these colours!

Copper Pot

Copper Pot is a very unique sort of colour (as most of the other polishes I was sent out are), with elements of gold, green, red & brown mixed in to create the copper shade. I can bet I'll be wearing this one in the autumn, as it screams out frolicking in the autumn leaves to me!

Golden Green Beetle Juice

Golden Green Beetle Juice is the colour I'm least drawn to, as I'm mostly a bit of a bright colour-popping queen. I can imagine, however, if the right outfit came along, it would be perfect to offset it!

Emerald Black Beetle Juice

Emerald Black Beetle Juice is a very luxurious other-worldly shade which makes me think of the deep dark ocean floor and all the mysteries that it contains. Definitely a colour for playing the mysterious bad girl! I love.

Gold Rush

A classic Models Own colour - Gold Rush - is one I had yet to add to my ever-increasing Models Own collection. So, I'm pretty pleased I can say I now own it! It is the perfect shade of gold, so if you're ever in desperate search for the perfect colour - this is your best bet. Very glitzy. Needs a few coats to show off its best self, but well worth it.

Pinky Brown Beetle Juice

I'm guessing they ran out of names when naming this colour.. Models Own's 'Pinky Brown Beetle Juice' deserves a lot more than the name suggests. It is a very sparkly copper pink with elements of gold in it. It really does remind you of some royal beetle queen. This is actually my favourite colour sent out, and I'll be rocking it at the Scottish Bloggers' Meet Up this evening! Look out, Glasgow..

Models Own - Pinky Brown Beetle Juice
Better view of Pinky Brown Beetle Juice
All in all, I loved the nail polishes sent out to me and I can see them being the perfect antidote to a drab, bored afternoon painting my nails new colours!

Many thanks to Siobhan from Talented Talkers and Littlewoods!

Check out Littlewoods' Models Own brand shop for an easy way to get your nail polish fix

What do you think of these colours? Are you a Beetle Juice fan or do you much prefer a bit of Gold Rush?

* I received these polishes as a gift and did not receive any payment for talking about them - all views are my own, as ever.


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!


    1. Thank you Caroline! How lovely x

  2. I've always wondered if these beetle juice polishes were any good!interesting!:) Scottish Stef's Nails

    1. They're very unique aren't they?! x


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