How to do an Easy-Peasy At-Home Manicure!

20 August 2013

How to do an at-home manicure
Since I worked with PURE Spa during a recent summer internship (which I have now finished - hello! I'm back to blogging duties!), I have become so much more aware of looking after my nails. Me and one of my workmates would regularly file away at our nails with the Leighton Denny Uno Nail File, keeping them in check whilst we tap away at the keyboard all day. It's really instilled in me the need to keep them looking neat and tidy - amongst other tips n' tricks which I have picked up along the way and will be providing you all with.. let's pretend I've been on a research trip, shall we..?

Just one simple cheap n' cheerful routine to add to your usual Sunday pamper day (get it scheduled!) will mean a week filled with elegant nails.. what's not to love?