A Love Affair with Mimi Holliday..

30 September 2013

Mimi Holliday Lingerie Review
Mimi Holliday 'Dotty Nuit' via Odyssey Boutique

Ever since I used to peruse those designer discount sites at the age of 16, I've marvelled at the intricate detailing & handiwork of lingerie designers everywhere.. but, if one brand stood out for me amongst the tide of balconette, plunge & super-padded, it was the beautiful & loveable Mimi Holliday. If you're a long-time reader of The Likely Lady, you'll perhaps have seen my adoration for them dotted amongst the pages of this blog. But never given their own wee post..

So, here we go, let the love affair commence.. (and maybe shield your eyes if you're a bit shy of discussing your undergarments on the internet)

The brand started life in early 2003, under the ethos of "fun, charming, sexy and sweet with a loveable formula that works".

Damaris - the founding Lingerie group behind the sub-brand - say that:
"the brand has exploded onto the fashion scene, securing international status almost overnight, thanks to a colossal press following and its commercial strengths- a flawless fit of AA-GG cups in fun, exciting patterns and colour combinations all in the finest silks and at a middle range price point, with a set averaging 90 pounds."
Over the years, I've been charmed into purchasing only a couple of bras (when purse-strings were accommodating..), but I know for sure that when I'm graduated from Uni, I'll be indulging myself in their undies as a treat. Besides, I've worn my first one so often that the black swarovski crystals on the bow have all fallen off by now!

Clockwise from Top Left: Sauce Pot | Dotty L'Amour | Coco Loco | Lace Cat Ears | Bisou Bisou Azure | Dotty Nuit

Mmm.. just a selection of Mimi Holliday from the current collections. There's lots available, from neons to pastels and lace to silk, you'll definitely find something worthy of your tastes from them! They also cater for every mood; are you feeling wild n' feisty or sweet as a button? Take a look and get yourself covered (quite literally..)

Bonus points! Yes, indeedy, you spotted correctly - that is a cat eared hair band up there. They also have bunny ears - but perhaps a little bit excessive!?!

Wizz Pop collection via Mimi Holliday
And for all the men out there, the Max Holliday range is the perfect gift idea for any men with particularly unforgiving old, saggy undies (not a good look!) that need a good refresh. However, some of the men's range is a BIT girlie (florals, polka dots.. you name it), so maybe withhold unless you know he's in touch with his feminine side.. haha.

The Mimi Holliday bras average around £50, and the knickers, around £35

Are you as much of a fan as I am? What's your favourite piece? And.. are you hoping Santa Boyfriend will be good to you this year? *Wink wink*



  1. I definitely agree on a love in with lingerie in general - I've already announced loudly to everyone I know that I want to make a road trip to the Odyssey Boutique that you blogged about before :L Definitely somewhere I see myself spending a lot of money (when I graduate uni/have a proper job/etc). Cause in my head I need an underwear collection to outshine Dita Von Teese :L

    1. I thought I'd replied to this one! Oh well, better late than never.. I absolutely ADORED Odyssey Boutique. So yeah, definitely recommend it. I also wanna have an underwear collection to outdo Dita.. amazing!


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