An Afternoon of Beauty & Lingerie at Odyssey Boutique..

17 September 2013

When I was invited by Suzanne at Hummingbird Communications to review Odyssey Boutique on William Street, Edinburgh, before their stint at the Pout Event this weekend, I was pretty excited.. Having heard about the boutique on Facebook a few times, it sounded like an interesting place! Not just your average lingerie boutique, Odyssey have high-quality branded beauty treatments available, including the inimitable Shellac manicure (of course).

Er.. hello!? A beauty treatment and some new undies in your lunch hour..? I was sold!

Odyssey is situated down the quaint cobbled road of William Street; an area I'd never ventured into before, and one I'll definitely be back to, given that the lovely Arkangel Boutique is nestled in amongst the line of beauty salons, coffee shops and art galleries. Its gold shimmery Zatchels definitely appealed to my magpie eyes in the window..!

It's a lovely little hideaway which is luxurious yet unintimidating. Having just celebrated their 3rd birthday in August, Odyssey are well-established in the West End, hidden away from the hustle & bustle of nearby Princes Street. Plus, their dalmatian dog roamed around (cute!) while I had my Shellac done! And their collages of "pinspiration" on the walls inspired you with tonnes of fabulous nail art ideas..

So, on to the treatment..

I chose the Steel Gaze shade from the new Shellac Forbidden AW13 Collection. I'd spotted it in a beauty industry mag earlier in the summer whilst in the office and was adamant I'd give it a go, so I was pleasantly surprised it was there!

Odyssey actually have lots of quirky nail art & glitter shellacs available for all you creative ladies, so let your imagination wander.. Tempted to pop back for a polka dot one.. oh, how predictable, Laura.. My therapist, Nadine, was lovely and really talked me through her passion for nail care. It was nice to know I was in safe hands. We both admired how multi-tonal the Steel Gaze shade is, with glittery elements of silver, bronze, gold, grey & even olive green. It's perfect for adding a bit of dazzle to the autumn months!

These photos don't really do it justice, to be honest! But it's lovely & I'm very pleased with it.. as you can, ahem, tell...:

Excuse the messy post-uni student look!
Next up, I took a wee wander around the lingerie boutique and was amazed to see two of my favourite brands stocked! Mimi Holliday & Bebaroque (post about the latter coming soon..). They also stock Fleur of England, Lascivious & Fantasie, amongst others. So, worth a peek.

Swimwear, including Seafolly

It's really like a wee cosy boudoir which I can imagine drifting away to on a cold, rainy day to indulge in my guilty pleasure - designer lingerie!

Mimi Holliday & Bebaroque! Mmmm! The Likely Lady paradise..

LOVED these! A beautiful purple jewel colour with intricate black lace..
After a little bit of a wander, I was persuaded to try out their bra-fitting service in-store. Now, having never been properly fitted for a bra before *ahem, sorry ladies! I am a failure to all those sensible women!* I was intrigued /slightly concerned to see how it would go. Suffice to say I am wearing the entirely wrong size and quickly redeemed myself by, well, doing what any true lingerie fan would do (cough) and indulging myself in Mimi Holliday - in the correct size!

I had a fabulous afternoon at Odyssey Boutique and would encourage all you ladies to take a wee side-street wander off to this little bit of paradise, if those city centre crowds are getting bothersome.. or direct your man to this for any Christmas gifts *hint hint*

You can catch Odyssey Boutique at the Pout Event this Saturday & Sunday (21st & 22nd September). They'll be giving away a big beauty prize to one lucky shopper.. ;) I'll also be there on blogging duties!



  1. You know that emoji with hearts for eyes - that. Times a thousand. I have such a soft spot for lingerie - especially Mimi Holliday! <3

    1. I knoooow! I was so happy to see it stocked. Nothing compares for me :) x

    2. I knoooow! I was so happy to see it stocked. Nothing compares for me :) x


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