Appointedd Launch at the Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh

4 September 2013

Appointedd's shiny new Business Cards! And polka dot tablecloth.. I, of course, approve ;)
I've been a busy bee this summer.. what with my full-time placement and going to lots of blogging and industry events, I've barely been able to find the time or inclination to post a blog post of my very own - usually more likely on behalf of a business! Which is great for the ol' CV, but not so good for keeping in touch with the blogging community *sadface*..

But, here I am.. covering Monday August 12th's event (eek!). Forgive me, guys, for I have sinned..!

So, I attended the Appointedd website launch at the beautiful Hotel Missoni along with my colleague Heather and some of the lovely Scottish blogger girls for a breakfast event.. who would I be to turn down a glamorous selection of cupcakes, pastries & cups of tea - all with a Missoni twist? (You can read more about the Missoni afternoon tea over at my previous blog post..)

Appointedd Launch Invitation
Leah Hutcheon, Appointedd's wonderful entrepreneurial founder was full of enthusiasm and excitement about launching her baby out into the world - the Appointedd online salon booking website! As I sat in the audience alongside Iona, Heather and Lynsey, it was really inspiring to listen to all the talks Leah and her panel guests (James Econs from Social for Salons, Laura Carroll from PreZent, celebrity hairdresser Paolo Andreuccetti and make-up artist Andrew James) presented. I really felt like I saw a solid future for the brand and supported all that the team have built over the past couple of years.

Leah unveiling her fab site & talking the talk!

In the words of the company themselves:
"The new site will allow the salons using its software to take guaranteed online bookings 24/7 and will give consumers access to reviews and ratings of salons in their area. Visitors to the site will also be able to access the latest deals and offers and browse the latest hair and beauty style inspirations."
"Appointedd is dedicated to supporting local hair, beauty and spa businesses and pledged to match the £30k funding they received from the EDGE award by donating the same amount in free software for salons and spas most in need of business support. The company has now donated over 55 software licenses to salons across Scotland."
Inspired? Why not check out their site and book your very own individual salon appointments with minimal fuss or hassle! It's easy peasy and can save you lots of time & effort in the process.. I'm certainly gonna give it a whirl. My previous hairdresser has disappeared off the face of the earth and I have NO IDEA where to go..

Go to their sparkly new homepage for more information & to book, or follow their blog for some beauty words of wisdom!

Ps - if you think you've seen Leah before, she was on BBC Scotland's 'The Entrepreneurs' earlier in the year. Fun fact!

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