The Pout Event 2013

26 September 2013

So, last Saturday, myself, Lynsey & Jade trotted along to the Edinburgh Corn Exchange for the Pout Event 2013. Last year, I'd been keen to go but it just seemed to fall out of my memory! This year, however, after seeing how well the event did last year from their exhibitors brochure, I was keen to get involved. So thankfully we were invited by the lovely Suzanne at Hummingbird Communications & Amanda at Pout to see what it's all about!

And, boy, did we enjoy ourselves..

First things first, of course, as any Scottish bloggers worth their salt would know: we headed for the bar for our free Cointreau cocktails! And the goodie bags which were full of fabulous beauty booty. I'm loving the Rimmel Salon Pro nail polishes which I'm definitely gonna get my mitts on to test after my Shellac has worn away..

Then, we went for a wee wander around the exhibitor stalls and managed to pick ourselves up some free S Luca's ice cream (if you're from Edinburgh, you'll understand the BRILLIANCE that is S Luca's ice cream.. noms!).

The E-Spark area, for start-ups

One of my favourite start-up businesses in the E-Spark area was Bella-Brilla. Their beautifully ornate head-pieces and jewellery are so antique-looking; reflected by the old-school Hollywood sirens which adorned their stall.. the perfect place to pick up a sparkly accessory for a big event or your wedding!

Next, we saw the cuteeeest children's toy company, Stork Baby, with their extremely soft toys. If you know any ladies having babies, this is the perfect place to pick up something wonderful (n.b. I can't seem to find a link to this business, so let me know if anyone knows!)

Next up, CUPCAKES. OH YES, I'm obsessed with Cake-Cetera's cake pops (in fact, I had more at the Mallzee launch party I will be writing about soon!), so I had to buy one!

They also do fabulous cupcake bouquets, launching nationwide delivery soon, so keep your eyes peeled for a cute alternative to sending outdated flowers (yawn!)

We definiiitely couldn't resist a photobooth - blogger cliché or what? Here's a selection of our classy photos from both LookLook/iON Magazine & Snapshot Booth:

But, all in all, a fabby day & it was nice to see some businesses we'd seen at the Pout Launch event - and ones we were completely unfamiliar with! That's the beauty of the Pout Event; getting together with your girlie pals and making a day of it. Pampering, shopping & entertainment - all under one roof. So, I definitely will be making a return next year (if only for a cocktail or two.. cough cough! Kidding)

Lily-Mo Jewellery, as part of E-Spark - I want the wish-bone necklace so much!
Joanne McGillivray - Scottish designer at the E-Spark area

The Debenhams Catwalk finale!

Cocktail masterclass with Angus Russell

A spot of lipstick browsing.. still want the YSL Lip Lacquer so much!

This stall was basically like my room.. literally all of this stuff is in my room! Haha. Lovely stall-holders along at Scarlett Daisies.

Here's me trying out their head-piece.. I got filmed during this, EEK..



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