A Wishlist: Spots, Dots & Pastel Shots

4 October 2013

Clockwise from Top Left: ASOS Spot Collar Jumper | Johnny Loves Rosie Crown Hair Clip | Topshop Fluffy Sweat | Topshop Tulle Strappy Midi Dress | Topshop Longsleeve Spot Shirt | Cambridge Satchel 11" Coral Fluro Satchel 
So, it's officially Autumn, and we're starting to see the leaves crisp over into glowing auburn shades. I've gotta be honest.. October is my favourite month of all. With all that time to go into the kitchen and bake treats & whip up some heart-warming soup, it's time to really work on putting the spring back in your step now summer has disappeared! And what could be more appropriate than bringing colour into your wardrobe?

Now, I know there are many amongst you who are thinking "nooo.. I just wanna slip on my darkest winter-wear and wallow in my onesie", but that's no way to keep the mood elevated!! Well, not permanently at least.. I vote that coral is not just for summer; that pastel shades are not just part of your holiday wardrobe and that polka dots are a multi-seasonal staple! Are you with me?! GOOD! Now - GO FORTH AND SHOP!



  1. Aww such a pretty wishlist - I do love me some pastels! The colour of that jumper is adorable. xx

    1. I knooow right? I love it all. Gonna have to put a sneaky purchase in..


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