Halloween Trickery at Edinburgh Dungeon..

28 October 2013

Edinburgh Dungeon | Halloween | The Likely Lady
The Home of Halloween at Edinburgh Dungeon
It's that time of year again.. when witches and werewolves, vampires and the odd Game of Thrones or Mario Brothers character appears on the streets on All Hallows Eve.

And what better way to celebrate than with a trip to the Edinburgh Dungeon..?

I kindly received a special VIP pass to really experience all that The Dungeons has to offer this Hallowe'en. And, boy, did I experience it.. I haven't been since I was about 16, so going there after all these years was pretty awesome. I brought along my flatmate who is more of a scaredy cat than me luckily! Since I last came, they still have the boat ride before the Sawney Bean section - which strikes fear into all the people I go with, as you just don't know what's going to happen next!

Edinburgh Dungeon | The Likely Lady
Sawney Bean at the Edinburgh Dungeon
We started off in the 17th century Courtroom to await our sentencing.. I was pretty glad I didn't get pulled up at this point (haha!), as I did when I was at the York Dungeon. We then moved on to The Torturer, with its medieval torturing instruments *shudder*.. before being put into the boat and pretending not to be completely terrified next to a small child who was going through the same experience as me.. (man up!)

Unfortunately for me, after that I was somehow leading the group and, as always happens in this situation, I got picked on by a character for the next 15 minutes! Haha. The Legend of Sawney Bean section included one of the cannibals singing Adele songs to me about how "we could've had it aaaaallll, rollin' in the deeeeeep. TELL LAURA I LOVE HER". Best chat-up of my life, obviously. Despite the fact he was offering me first dibs on his freshly caught human meat. Yum. I was definitely most on edge during this bit. You'll likely find out why if you head down yourself..

Edinburgh Dungeon
We then finally escaped (?!) to the Anatomy Theatre and Mary King's Close, which were both rather entertaining, before heading over to the brand new limited-time only Dinner for the Dead. Open until 2nd November, this Hallowe'en special show was a fun one! I won't give anything away but get ready to really experience the ghosts & ghouls from the roots of Hallowe'en and find out what your fate holds in the hands of the Druids and their rune stones.. spooky!

Finally, a stint with William Wallace (getting all Scottish patriotic! FREEEEEEDOM!) moved us on to await our final sentencing with Maggie Dickson, a local Grassmarket ghoul..

Then the best bit: Drop Dead: Drop Ride! I was excited for this ride! Here's our glorious expressions as we dropped to our doom..:

Edinburgh Dungeon | The Likely Lady
Beaut! Drop Dead: Drop Ride at Edinburgh Dungeon

The History of Hallowe'en

Here's a wee snippet from Edinburgh Dungeon's history of Hallowe'en I thought would be fitting for you all as you get prepared..:
"The roots of Halloween lie buried deep in the darkest past, when ancient Celts celebrated Samhuinn, lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to frighten away evil spirits. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1st 'All Saints Day', honouring Saints of times past. The night before All Saints Day became known as 'All Hallows Eve', and later, 'Halloween'. Halloween has long been considered a twilight doorway; the one night of the year when the dead may roam the earth and make contact with the living. To this day, on Halloween night, communities still dress up, carve pumpkins, hold parties, and go 'trick or treating'."
Halloween Make-up Tutorials

Still need make-up tips for Halloween? Edinburgh Dungeon have released a few tutorial videos using MAC Makeup products to create the ultimate ghostly look.. Here's how to recreate The Torturer's make-up look:

Are you all set for the evening? I'll be heading to Gillian's this weekend - lots of themed food & plenty o' alcoholic beverages with my favourites. I'll be attempting Melanie from The Birds for my costume.. you will laugh when you see the SIZE of the crows I've got. Ridiculous.

Tickets for Edinburgh Dungeon are £10.50 for students/£10.95 for adults 16+ (online advance ticketing only) and you can book here now to reserve your spot. Be quick! This Halloween special is proving really popular with tourists (our group was rammed).. 

..and, be wary as you go lower into those dungeons.. you never know what you will find. Muahahaha..! ;)


  1. That sounds like you had fun :)! I remember being at the Dungeon a few years ago & being creeped out with the torture room with this A shaped frame that was used to break women's pelvis'......yuk!! Glad those days are well into the past. I've always wanted to visit Mary King's Close, hopefully next time I'm in Edinburgh.


  2. Haha, the torture instruments are HORRID. Does creep you out that that actually happened. Mary King's Close is great if you get a chance to visit! I went a couple of years ago and it was really interesting


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