Mallzee: The Modern Way To Shop

11 October 2013

Cally Russell giving his introductory talk at the launch of Mallzee

A little late on this one (just a bit, Laura.. eesh!) but, as ever, 4th year has gotten a bit crazy so I'm cracking on with a few blog posts in one sitting before I go home for a weekend of essays! Yawwwn..

So, a couple of weeks ago me and some other lovely Scottish Bloggers (and my lovely pal Farhana!) rocked up to the much-anticipated launch of the Mallzee iPhone app. After a few drinks and one of my favourite cake pops (!!), it was time for Cally Russell, the Founder of Mallzee, to introduce us to the app...
"What is the app all about?" I hear you wondering! Well, it's pretty much the most relevant app for us young, stylish & tech-driven women who want to make shopping a much more simple and less mind-numbing activity.. no more sifting through endless dresses & lots more actual purchasing to be enjoyed!

After downloading, the app opens and brings up a short quiz section to get to grips with your style tastes.
As Mallzee say, "we think that shopping should be as unique as you and that's why we put you through a short quiz to suss out your style (a bit like a personal shopper but it won't cost you an arm and a leg)"
Mallzee at InSpace

You can simply swipe to save an item or "pinch" when you see something you don't like! Personally, I only just jumped on the iPhone bandwagon recently, which is fortunate considering that every time I met Cally he'd check if I had an iPhone yet.. haha. So, I'm glad I left this post 'til later because now I can fully embrace the app by myself. My favourite part is that a lot of my favourite stores are featured, such as ASOS and Urban Outfitters, which means I can shop from one location on my phone when I have a free moment to spare around lectures and dissertation reading..

Wardrobes of clothes at the launch event

Not ready to buy just yet but keeping an eye on something? You can save it on the app for later shopping once pay day comes around. Even better, if you're unsure, you can share the item with your friends (but just the ones you actually like - not cluttering up your whole Facebook feed!) and see what they think. It's also great for someone like me who has a good eye for other people's tastes.. you can recommend items to your pals!

The live tweet globe! Cutest.

Mallzee are passionate about blogging and online engagement in general, so they've got a weekly Favourite Blogger feature on their own blog too, yay for us!

Here's the promo video we got to see unveiled to whet your appetite:

Like it? I do too.. it's great cause, when I'm in the office with Appointedd, Mallzee are just across the room and you can tell they're also really passionate about their product. Pretty inspiring being in a room full of creative start-ups!

Mallzee is currently only available on the iPhone platform, and can be downloaded by following this link to the app store. It's free!


  1. Fantastic write up, you lucky iPhone users!

    1. Thanks, hope it comes to Android soon so everyone can get a shot! ;)


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