The Likely Lady: A New Design; A New Chapter!

14 October 2013

The Likely Lady: New Blog Design by Elevatormusik

This year has been the most momentous year in the history of The Likely Lady. In the 3 years before, the blog was a clutter of the occasional blog post full of all the visuals spilling out of my brain. It's gone from being a personal blog; a place where I post lookbooks; beauty reviews to millions of sudden blog events constantly to talk about. But, essentially, it needs to stabilise to make fab content that you guys wanna read!

I've found a wee home in the Scottish Bloggers fold, with lots of inspirational bloggers around me to spur me on & make my wee blog bubble a better place. And now, with the re-design which has been overdue for many years, I want to make this place as good as any of my top fave blogs! Cause, really.. you can put your mind to anything if you wanna work hard for it..

Where did I get the inspiration?
I initially contacted Gillian from Elevatormusik a few months ago saying I was interested in re-designing but it was more of a pipe dream than anything else. I was still a bit scatty and unsure of what I wanted. But, when I started to think about all the things that make me me, it began to fall into place. If you know me well, you'll know I'm a bit polka dot mad, and I have a room full of bunting and birdcage-related jewellery and candle-holders. I'm also a little in love with colour and girlie fonts. So, essentially, this new design is VERY ME!

All my friends find it amazing Gillian got it so spot-on. I think maybe that's the best part of this project; hiring one of your skillful pals to turn your vision into a reality. Someone who knows you well enough to understand you when you're rambling on about headers and fonts.. (and I sent her many an annoying email about both, let me tell you..!)

SO, enough about the process, whaddya reckon, lovely followers? Drop me a wee comment to let me know if you like! And, of course, tweet me too!

My design was created by Gillian at Elevatormusik. Take a look at her Etsy Shop for easy-peasy pre-made designs or contact her at to make an enquiry.


  1. Love it, it really does suit you to a T :) Gillian's such a talented lady, I was ridiculously excited the night I saw my design for the first time! Here's to an exciting new chapter! xxx

    1. Thanks Lynsey! It makes me happy just to click through to it haha. She certainly is! High fiveeee xxx


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