OnePiece: Jump In!

28 November 2013

Giddy with excitement or what..? Might just be the excessive gingerbread latte in that mug though..
Hey everyone!

It was my 22nd birthday on Monday! I have lots of posts on Google & Nespresso to go, plus some cheeky beauty posts ;) This weekend I'm off on a Highland wintery cottage break with some of my Scottish Blogger favourites too so we shall be vlogging our wee hearts out.. watch this space.

SO, this is my post on my amazingly snuggly OnePiece which was recently gifted* to me. (Psst.. keep scrolling for an exclusive 20% code for The Likely Lady readers..!)

Get Fit, Get Healthy: Update #1

20 November 2013


Back to the 'Get Fit, Get Healthy' journey..

The past couple of weeks since I posted my initial blog post, I've had highs and lows, triumphs and guilty indulgences.. (oh yes, I'm looking at you, takeaway pizza & wine). It really is a hard thing to do; to train your body to consume higher amounts of vitamin-rich superfoods and lower amounts of the junk & empty calories. And, coupled with deadline chaos in my final year of Uni, it's er... not been so easy! I don't expect the next week to be any easier, because it's my birthday, so I'm allowing myself treats! But, of course, building up to it in a healthy way is the best I can do for my body.

I've discovered a lot of ideas on the road to health, so I thought it best to share some of my discoveries on The Likely Lady for you all to share in & give me your top tips! This week, I'll focus on food..

Space NK Haul: The Review

19 November 2013

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder
The Review: Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder & NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
Hey you lot!

I'm BAAACK! Hope you missed me.. if not, sod's law. Anywaaay, let's get on to the exciting bits, shall we?

So, a couple of weeks back I treated myself to a day in town, which featured a lot of Boots goodies (post here) and this fabulous pairing: the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder and the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. I know they should probably deserve their own separate posts but, to be honest, let's just get them both SORTED in one super-powered post!

On with the review...

You Have As Many Hours In A Day As Beyoncé!

11 November 2013

via Pinterest
Hi guys!

I thought I'd write a quick update to let you all know where I'm at with The Likely Lady..

I'm gonna take a short break of a week from my blog whilst I crack on with my final year Uni Dissertation! I need to trim off all the excess distractions and plough on to get my initial Proposal and other deadlines out the way (it seems November is my busiest month ever!)

But, don't worry! I shall be back - and me, Gillian, Lynne, Kirsty, Iona, Lynsey and Jade will have a heap of vlogs and photo diaries of our impending cottage break in the Highlands at the start of December.. 'Bloggers Take The Highlands' ;) we're hoping for a snowy break filled with relaxation, girlie chats & a few too many tipples of the wine variety.

I've also got my 22nd birthday coming up on the 25th of November, so I'm sure I'll have lots of things to write about that (as with every year!)

And, finally, I'm still working hard on my Get Fit, Get Healthy journey! The energy boost I've got from eating so well is incredible.. recommend you join me right now, even if you know you're gonna over-indulge this festive season! Best to start on a healthy footing.

As always, I'll still be active over on @thelikelylady / Pinterest & Instagram!

And.. if this post doesn't provide you with anything else, let it give you this:

via Lauren Conrad

Keep your head up!


My Get Fit, Get Healthy Goal!

4 November 2013

Anything really is possible, if you put your mind to it - via Pinterest
Hey everyone!

Today's post will take a rather different spin on things.. getting fit & getting healthy! It's a subject I've been meaning to force myself to take on, both physically and mentally.

So, without further ado..!

Hello November: 5 Ways To Rid Yourself of the Winter Blues

1 November 2013

Background from my trip to Pitlochry last year
So, Halloween is over (or, atleast officially). It's November, at last. My birthday month (!) and the month of cosying up with a hot cup of cocoa, drawing those curtains shut and snuggling up under a fluffy blanket. It's also a month of getting in the mood for the impending Holiday season: the gift planning; getting crafty & taking refuge in the kitchen, away from the drizzle and the brisk winds. Wellies and upturned umbrellas; candles softly burning around the living room, wafting that familiar spiced apple & cinnamon scent. Fairy lights tinkling in windows as families & couples gather round for cuddles & films - it's time to really make the most of those extra hours indoors.

But what if all that time indoors is making you moody.? I've compiled my top 5 ways to rid yourself of the winter blues. These are just some of the things I've found around Pinterest, blogs or in my own experience. Enjoy!