Get Fit, Get Healthy: Update #1

20 November 2013


Back to the 'Get Fit, Get Healthy' journey..

The past couple of weeks since I posted my initial blog post, I've had highs and lows, triumphs and guilty indulgences.. (oh yes, I'm looking at you, takeaway pizza & wine). It really is a hard thing to do; to train your body to consume higher amounts of vitamin-rich superfoods and lower amounts of the junk & empty calories. And, coupled with deadline chaos in my final year of Uni, it's er... not been so easy! I don't expect the next week to be any easier, because it's my birthday, so I'm allowing myself treats! But, of course, building up to it in a healthy way is the best I can do for my body.

I've discovered a lot of ideas on the road to health, so I thought it best to share some of my discoveries on The Likely Lady for you all to share in & give me your top tips! This week, I'll focus on food..


Overnight Oats with Banana & Agave Nectar

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and I don't think I could take on my day without it! However, before, I was prone to a white bagel every single morning.. Nowadays, I've cut out the bagel habit and switched to Overnight Oats (as mentioned in my 1st post). It's been a bit difficult though, as I'd been pairing it with banana & agave nectar topping.... and then found out I'm allergic to bananas (!!!). So, I'm back to experimenting with strawberries right now. I've also cut the greek yoghurt addition to 0% fat Greek Yoghurt to cut pointless calorie count.

My Favourite Breakfast Ideas

♥ Overnight Oats
♥ Poached Egg on Wholemeal Toast
♥ Super-powered Green Smoothie
♥ Oatmeal Smoothie


Wholemeal pitta with Turkey, Cucumber, Tomato & Pepper with Tomato Salsa
Lunch hasn't been too difficult for me to change, as it's a meal I was already happy with making healthy choices on. However, I've definitely upped my game & am refusing the lure of the carb-laden sandwich or baguette. I've been eating wholemeal pitta filled with veggies, hummus & grilled lean protein like turkey. I've made it easier for myself by being prepared. For example, I grill 2 turkey steaks the evening before, eat one for dinner & box one up in the fridge for lunch the next day.

Oh yeah, and red pepper hummus is now my favourite thing ever..!

My Favourite Lunch Ideas

♥ Wholemeal pitta with veggies (e.g. red pepper, cucumber, spinach/lettuce, etc) & hummus
♥ Home-made soups (prepared on a Sunday evening; can be kept for a few days in the fridge!)
♥ Chicken/turkey salad


Turkey Steak, Sweet Potato Wedges, Babycorn & Lettuce
Dinner is usually the most exciting meal of my day, and it's a challenge to keep it to healthy levels when I used to lazily stick ready-made McCains wedges in the oven alongside whichever dish I was preparing.. I'm also a bit blah about the usual stir fry, so I've been experimenting.

BUT! I came up with a switch for those too..:

My Favourite Dinner Ideas

♥ Sweet Potato Wedges (GORGEOUS. You could add spices to them too to give 'em a kick)
♥ Turkey Steak (cheap bought in bulk at Tesco, only 100 calories & really filling. Lots o' protein!)
♥ Spinach (I try to add spinach as a side to every meal, as it is so full of iron & calcium; two vitamins I am lacking in)
♥ Cous Cous (quick & easy to prepare, teamed with anything ever.. veg & meat!)
♥ Salmon (I'm addicted anyway, so this is a no-brainer. LOTS of Omega 3, ladies..)

amongst other things.. this is a good time to whip up some stews!


Nakd Bar with Clementines
Snacks are my biggest challenge. Not that I was a big snacker before, but because of the lower calories I'm consuming, I've been prone to peckishness in the late evening.. eek! So, I thought I'd do battle with The Snack Monster and WIN! Here are my favourites..:

My Favourite Snacks

♥ Pomegranate Seeds
♥ Nakd Raw Vegan Bars (SO TASTY! Cocoa & Orange ones are the best)
♥ Sweet N' Salt Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn (genius. You have to try it)
♥ Kallo Low Fat Rice Cakes (for the midnight munchies, topped with veg or a cheeky bit of cheese)
♥ Clementines (always pop one in my bag)

Essentially, I've learned that you can stick to the things you like - just keep them all in moderation and switch up the ingredients for healthier choices. For example, like a bacon roll with tomato ketchup? Cut out the excess by grilling lower fat bacon and accompanying it with a slice of wholemeal toast & a grilled tomato! All the yumminess with less of the guilt..

For more ideas, see my favourite sources:

Over to you! Are you following your own health journey? Share your discoveries & tips with me!


  1. I will def be trying that lunch.


  2. You seem to be doing very well, and you're in the right frame of mind too! Of course you can still have the things you like, just in moderation and also switching things up a bit :) You need to try the cashew cookies in my latest post - they are SO GOOD!
    Your meals all look really tasty...I'd swap the turkey for quorn though hehe. Love the nakd cocoa orange bars! Mmmm. You can make 'date balls' which are similar - I have a post with the recipe on my blog.
    Well done, you seem to be doing really well!

  3. I LOVE metcalfes popcorn! So yummy! No so easy to get around my home though. Like you I'm having to watch my food because I can't exercise much at the moment :( Once you get a habit going though it's easy to turn down chocolate and nasty stuff :) I'm addicted to clementines at the moment! Also, try herbal/detox tea! It'll help digestion

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