My Get Fit, Get Healthy Goal!

4 November 2013

Anything really is possible, if you put your mind to it - via Pinterest
Hey everyone!

Today's post will take a rather different spin on things.. getting fit & getting healthy! It's a subject I've been meaning to force myself to take on, both physically and mentally.

So, without further ado..!

What's my back story, you ask? 
Well, I've never been the slimmest girl in the room.. I've never been the biggest either. I was definitely the girl who'd hand in a period note to get out of P.E., let me tell ya! Apart from that failed stint in the hockey team, a love for cycling & tennis and a weird talent for netball. English was my forté, so it's where I excelled, and let exercise fall by the wayside..

But since coming to University, my weight has crept up. Standard, really, I guess! Takeaways, alcohol, napping and using public transport almost exclusively.. I didn't really notice it, as I don't worry about it too much usually. Unless my jeans are feeling tight or I'm getting big around my chin, I don't tend to bat an eyelid. But, during a recent doctors appointment (and finding out I was 6 pounds overweight), I've decided to face up to it.

I know, you're probably thinking "meh, 6 pounds isn't a lot". It isn't, but it's not healthy either. I know it won't take me long to work it off, with a bit of determination, but I'm aiming to really get to almost the middle of my BMI. In total, I'd have to lose approximately 18 pounds, to get back to how I used to be. Essentially, I also really just want to not feel SLUGGISH all the time!

Today, I dragged myself to the gym and felt amazing for it. Just seeing myself looking red in the face and sweating away with my heart pumping like a machine gun is enough to realise that it's worth it. I don't want to risk ill health, missing out on life cause of sleeping in 'til midday (one of my recent bad developments, spurred on by a bad break-up..)

Get Fit: It's Bikini Boot Camp Time!
Lauren Conrad's Bikini Boot Camp - via Lauren Conrad

What I've Discovered In My Quest

Lauren Conrad / Blogilates
Two websites which have inspired me to take on my weight loss journey are Lauren Conrad and Blogilates.

Cassie from Blogilates had me barely able to walk for 4 days when I completed one of her 15 minute workouts on my thighs..! She's like marmite. You'll either love her or hate her, when she's chatting about her favourite nail colours in a girlie voice whilst working you HARD. I used to do Jillian Michaels and Davina McCall, but I've learned I really prefer a bit of a bright, cheerful spin on things to keep me going. Blogilates have a free iPhone/Android app which I've been using to get recipe ideas and instant workout video access.

Lauren Conrad is one of my inspirations (I know - bit embarrassing, given that she's a former reality star.. sorry guys!). Only in terms of style, beauty & that body! Her website is one of my go-to daily sites, and she's compiled lots & lots of easy to follow work-out plans which I can do in my own time, without treading foot in the gym. Try out her famed Bikini Boot Camp Plan or any of the other little work-out print-out-and-keep sheets she regularly posts. They're awesome for pinning to your Pinterest boards if you're ever in need of a boost of motivation!

Top Tip: I also recommend Tone It Up! I just feel I'd need to pay into that one to get the full benefits..

Pure Gym
I joined Pure Gym in August (cheapest & most flexible membership with easiest access for me), but haven't really made the most of it. So, from this day forward, I'm gonna aim for at least 3 days a week in the gym. Hopefully more, but let's see how my muscle pain holds up, eh.. haha!

This is my first gym membership, so I'm just finding my feet right now. I used to be worried about what I'd look like exercising in front of all those *experts*, but I actually haven't once cared! I love burning off calories on the treadmill with a good playlist of tunes (I downloaded Fitness Beats - The Running Mix 2013 for my iPod, which is SUPER motivating during those extra tough minutes!). I also love the rowing machine, exercise bike, leg press, hip abductor, et al. But I really need to work on my core. My legs are already stronger than I realised!

I recommend Pure Gym for all the necessary equipment without the excess "add-ons" like the sauna or steam-room of the big guns.

My Fitness Pal
I've used this app before in the last couple of years to track calories, water intake and exercise, but I'm gonna jump back on it now. It's the best way to track my progress and actually see what I'm doing, rather than hide my head in the sand like I normally do.. I'm a really visual person, so this is exactly what I need.

♥ Squats
ER, I am SO BAD AT SQUATS. I'm aiming to hire a personal trainer for a one-off session to teach me the correct methods to carry out moves, avoiding unnecessary injury.. After all, these little moves are the best way to get my booty looking bangin'!

♥ Overnight Oats
I discovered this awesome breakfast a couple of months back and have been adding it to my diet ever since. It is the easiest, cheapest thing I've come across. You only need a big bag of Oats, almond milk (or whichever milk you drink - I personally love almond milk!) & low-fat greek yoghurt.. and whichever toppings you desire! Sophie & Charlene are big lovers of this breakfast (fitness babes that they are!). Check out a basic recipe here! I usually use frozen berries!

♥ And finally.. friends!
3 or 4 of my friends are on their own weight-loss journeys, and I think it's amazing to know you're not alone. I'm gonna make sure we support eachother and give eachother the necessary pep talks when required!! If you're keen to get going too, try and buddy up with a pal to go jogging with or gym it up with. I've noticed the gym sessions seem to last longer when I'm giggling away with a friend!

SO! One thing I'm on the look-out for is a good UK-based health blog for the average young woman (no crazy clean-eating-vegan stuff!). Particularly for women on a budget who want to stay trim! Let me know if you have any ideas, guys? Thanks!

Hope you'll enjoy my upcoming journey & accompany me in it.. tweet me @thelikelylady if you wanna!



  1. Great inspirational post!! :D Thank you for the little mention too :)
    You sound pretty keen and motivated! Ever since I started going to the gym and eating better a few years back, I've felt so much better about myself. It's amazing how good it makes you feel! I gym 4-5 times a week, and if I don't go for a couple of days I start to feel a bit grouchy. You just need to get yourself into a routine, YOU CAN DO THIS!
    I recommend these blogs - and - there's some great recipes on these websites! xx

    1. Awww lovely! No problem. Thanks so much for the pep talking ;) haha! And I'll definitely check them both out. Did a big healthy food shop today to give me no excuses :p xx

  2. Good on you! You've gotta start somewhere.
    I got serious about fitness this year too and found that setting actual goals like joining to do the Womens 10km and running the free 5km Park runs really helped me.
    I'm also looking into getting a trainer in 2014 just to teach me the best moves and how to do them, I'm soooo uncoordinated lol
    Good Luck!

    1. Fab tips! Yeah, getting a trainer to guide you through when you're just starting out is a definite help!


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