OnePiece: Jump In!

28 November 2013

Giddy with excitement or what..? Might just be the excessive gingerbread latte in that mug though..
Hey everyone!

It was my 22nd birthday on Monday! I have lots of posts on Google & Nespresso to go, plus some cheeky beauty posts ;) This weekend I'm off on a Highland wintery cottage break with some of my Scottish Blogger favourites too so we shall be vlogging our wee hearts out.. watch this space.

SO, this is my post on my amazingly snuggly OnePiece which was recently gifted* to me. (Psst.. keep scrolling for an exclusive 20% code for The Likely Lady readers..!)

Mel from Tribe Media contacted me asking if I'd like to take part in their PieceKeeper programme.. basically as an ambassador for the OnePiece brand. As someone who already lives in their onesie most of the time (River Island, I'm lookin' at ya!), the lure of the original onesie was just too much to ignore.

I chose the Lusekofte Onesie in Navy (XS) with fleece inside (there is a Lightweight option too!) for my first foray into the OnePiece world. Scotland appropriate!!!

As a fairly petite girl, I like the fact OnePiece base their sizing around height measurements too. I have to say though, the XS is still long on me so I'd recommend sizing down as much as possible! They make them baggy enough for both men & women to wear, so you're sure to be comfy in yours.

Here's me messing around in my natural habitat.. Photos thanks to my patient flatmate Stacey (who actually played the role of photographer pretty well.. "aaaand POSE!"). Just call me a Next Catalogue model, eh..? I wish..

The Story of OnePiece..

Part-time goon..!

The Nordic print is my favourite winter look.. ♥

Duvet: Primark

Candle & Mug: Presents from Family
To get 20% off your own OnePiece (or as a rather generous gift to a pal!), simply zap in my code below & get ready to make Sunday slumbering (or Christmas Eve time) all the more heavenly..

Discount Code: 31THELIKELYLADY

Code is valid until Sunday 1st December so BE QUICK!!!

Code is now expired!

Enjoy! What kinda onesie are you rocking this year? Willing to take the leap to the original brand like me? Lemmie know, as ever, in the comments below!



  1. Aww, you look uber cute and cosy :) LOVE the duvet set, I'm going to nip up on Saturday and hope they have it in Kingsize. x

  2. Love this onespiece especially the print it looks so warm and your right it would come in handy in Scotland ;D it's already freezing here :( xx
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  3. Aww, you look so cute! I don't think I could ever spend that much on a onesie, but they do look really lovely and snuggly! I have a couple of Primark onesies (including a cat one!) and a bunny one from Topshop :) xx


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