Google City Experts: The Edinburgh Experiment

7 December 2013

Hey guys,

I'm just completing my final deadline of my first final year semester (scary!), so that's why I've been so quiet! I'm gonna schedule some posts to tide the blog over though..

First things first - the Google City Experts' 'Edinburgh Experiment' event at Summerhall's Small Animal Hospital.

I was invited by the lovely Zoe (Edinburgh & London's Google Community Manager) to the event hosted by Google. Every city has had a different theme, and Edinburgh's just so happened to be science themed! There's A LOT of interesting things to be mentioned so keep your eyes peeled... >>

Joined by my partner-in-crime, bestie Emma!
A welcome Gin Fizz with a fizzy sweetie!
First off, me and Emma had a welcome drink in The Cage Bar (the former area where they kept animals.. strange!)

We were then shown to a seat and provided with the oddest of experimental meals to have a go with.. eat your heart out Heston Blumenthal!

First, a thai chicken noodle soup with coconut noodles injected into them - the coconut went all stringy as it hit the hot soup; making it seem like noodles!

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

After this, we had Chicken & The Egg - a very self-explanatory dish, served in a petri dish!

Chicken & The Egg
Next up, we ventured into another room to sample the weirdest things yet!

NASA's very own type of space ice cream was a particular highlight.. it tasted a bit like foam though! Won't see me skipping my Ben & Jerry's favourite for this any day soon..

Then, gin flavoured jelly which I, rather embarrassingly, nommed down pretty quickly despite the fact everyone declared "this is really strong stuff!".. oops!

Gin jelly

This was followed by another chocolate experiment and finally... yes.. I ATE FRIED CRICKETS! And they weren't actually that bad. One for the list of odd foods consumed..

I couldn't pass it up! Doubt I'll get that weird experience ever again.. for your reference, they taste a lot like pork scratchings.

A fun part of the night was letting a herbal sweet melt on our tongues for a while and then suck on lemons & limes.. now, this sounds already a bit CRAZY, but the herbal sweets stopped us being able to use our sour taste-buds; instead turning them into sweet taste-buds. The lemons tasted like sherbet!

We also tried out some psychological games where we had to escape from connected ropes without taking the ropes off our wrists. It resulted in a lot of trying to clamber over the ropes and look generally a bit mental..

Of course, like any good blogger, I scoped out the photobooth area in the 'Selfie' room and played around for a while!

Google Selfies!

There were lots more on offer but I think my post would be masssiiiiive if I wrote about them all.. it was a great event nonetheless.

The food was provided by Jelly & Gin - an experimental foodie company based in Edinburgh.

Looking to be a Google City Expert? Sign up now and get reviewing local businesses in your area and invited to events like this! Lots of fun gifts & perks.. sign up here!

With thanks to Zoe & Paul from Google for hosting a fab event and Jelly & Gin for putting on a highly interactive, unique event which I won't forget about in a hurry..


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