Nespresso: Getting Addicted to the Coffee Buzz

23 December 2013

Nespresso Connoisseur Tasting Club
Nespresso Connoisseur Tasting Club
Coffee. It's not something I'd previously found myself associated with. However, in the past year - after one too many early mornings at placement and final year at Uni - I've become a little bit addicted to the buzz.

Weber Shandwick & Nespresso kindly invited me to experience one of their much sought-after Connoisseur Tasting Club evenings the other week to kickstart the launch of the Nespresso Coffee Boutique on 25 Multrees Walk, Edinburgh, and who was I to turn it down? Besides, my coffee-obsessed parents would probably love me to join them!

Here's how the evening went down...

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
After a few cheeky wee canapes, we made our way to our seats and got accustomed with the basics and origins of coffee; particularly in the tasting elements, through a presentation by a Nespresso tasting expert.

He then guided us through the process of getting in tune with our taste-buds (something I hadn't done since primary school, probably!)

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
Getting used to the different tastes (i.e. acidic, sweet, bitter & salty)

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
I found myself most drawn to sweet flavours, which isn't a surprise given that straight black bitter coffee is not really usually my favourite - eek!

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
The raw green coffee bean - what eventually turns into the classic coffee bean after a roasting session!

However, I persevered with the black coffee worries and had my first ever Espresso! I do see the appeal in drinking them.. when in need of a good ol' buzz, the classic Espresso would do the job nice & quick!

As you can see from the picture, we were walked through each area of "the perfect Espresso"; from the crema, the aroma, the temperature, the body & through the final all-important taste. Each element is brought together, and it is all important! News to me, as a coffee novice whose past experience included just sticking some coffee in a cup along with sugar and milk for my dad..

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club

Nespresso Coffee Connoisseur Club
Finally, we got to the actual tasting section! So, around the table we had different scented vials filled with different stages of the coffee brewing process. Each stage creates a distinctly different aroma; from the raw green coffee bean to the sweet, acidic, salty & bitter. During this section, a lot of my fellow tasters loved aromas & tastes which I strongly didn't. It made me realise that I am more suited to a sweeter, milder Espresso, particularly as a first-time coffee drinker. On talking to our Nespresso tasting expert, he pointed me in the direction of an Espresso from Brazil, where a sweeter taste is more attainable. Just with the Wine Tasting I did at Pizza Express, coffee - like wine - varies in taste across different climates. So, the Brazilian climate plays host to some of the sweeter varieties of coffee bean. Nespresso refer to their range of different coffees as their 'Grand Cru', which you can check out here to find your perfect taste.

The perfect Crema: created by the cute wee Nespresso coffee machines!
Different stages of the Nespresso coffee brewing process, using their little inimitable aluminium Coffee Capsules (which are eco-friendly and recyclable at the Coffee Boutique!)
Overall, the night was a good introduction to coffee, and really gave me an in-depth knowledge, where previously I was completely ignorant!
The event was held to herald the launch of the first ever Scottish Nespresso Coffee Boutique on 25 Multrees Walk, Edinburgh!
I sadly was unable to attend the opening launch but I hear it was a success, with celeb chef Tom Kitchin & Scottish designer Judy R Clark in attendance to help welcome the brand into Scotland! Unlike the traditional stand-alone store, Nespresso use their Coffee Boutiques as a way of providing tasting demonstrations and interactivity with their coffee; so I suggest you nip down for the buzz you'll probably get addicted to!

Image via Nespresso / Weber Shandwick

And, let's be honest.. that dinky wee white coffee machine I pictured is on my wishlist already! Teeny tiny, so would fit in any kitchen I find myself with ♥

Are you a coffee drinker or complete novice? And what's your favourite type of caffeine buzz to keep you all warm & energised this winter? Drop me a wee comment! :)

More info at Nespresso.


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