Revolution Bar Edinburgh Cocktail Masterclass

8 December 2013

Sampling Emma, Jade & Brionny's extremely sickly Mississippi Mud-Slide (I think that's what it was?).. 
So, on the 25th of November it was my 22nd birthday.

Yep. I'm that old now. Kidding. To celebrate, I booked me and my friends on a Revolution Bar Cocktail Masterclass. For years I'd wanted to organise one, so it was amazing to actually do it!

It was a million times better than I expected, perhaps down to a great (and rather attractive!) barman, Calum at Revolution Bar Edinburgh. I recommend it to everyone thinking of ideas for their next birthday or hen do - or perhaps as a rather fab surprise! The next group along the bar were a hen party and seemed to love it..

So here's what went down on the Friday night before..

Getting down to business, making a passionfruit martini!
We were all greeted with a welcome Birthday Shot & Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri before each of us were invited up in groups to make our own cocktails from scratch, with help from Calum our host. We ended up having about 5 drinks each, which made it amazing value. All the girls seemed to have a fab time, so it also made me feel a lot more relaxed, knowing everyone was enjoying themselves!

Jade & Brionny making their Mississipi Mud Slides (I'm still pretty sure there is a different name.. oops!)
Lynne showing her cocktail making prowess!
Gillian & Iona propping up the bar like true professional bar staff!
Me excitedly launching a vodka train & it actually turning out successfully.. SHOCK HORROR!
Apologies for the rather awful picture quality (iPhones!) but, even if I can't visually prove it, the night was absolutely amazing. We also were provided with a seating area afterwards, with plenty of cocktails to tide us over. We had some dinner & I loved the pulled pork Denver fries! Yum.. 

I feel so grateful to have met some of the best friends ever over the past couple of years. I love you all lots & thanks for coming out to celebrate with me! Here's to another million years of good nights like this one.

We booked on to the basic Cocktail Masterclass package without extras, for £24.95 each! A bargain in Edinburgh, with most venues charging £30+

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