WIWT: Highland Tartans, Hearts & Satchel Bags

12 December 2013

So, a couple of weeks ago me & my merry band of fellow Scottish Bloggers (well, not all of them sadly!) went up to the Highlands for a Wintery break full of relaxing in our onesies and conjuring up cocktails (largely in part thanks to our cocktail masterclass for my birthday!).

But, I thought I'd start off the throwback with a WIWT (What I Wore Today) post. Haven't done one since the summer with its pastels & polka dots, so what better way to continue on than with a look at my winter wardrobe..?

Now, I haven't worn this red beret for a few years. It was always my staple winter hat, and now that I look back on photos from the weekend, I kinda think it should stay in the past! Getting too old to pull it off now perhaps.. Back to my new faithful black bowler hat..

The jumper is one of my snuggliest favourites from Next last winter. I love how cute it looks with a skirt. I think I was trying to rock a J Crew-inspired look here with the clashing prints & textures and rolled-up sleeves that Jenna Lyons would be proud of.. but I can't decide if I like it or not.

I picked up the satchel bag from Accessorize as a wee birthday gift to myself. In the classic test of "are you a shoe or bag lady?", I'd pick bags, hands down! Satchels have always been my favourite thing and I think I'll always have a crush on the Mulberry Alexa, long after it's been and gone (which, er, happened a long time ago!)

I'm also a bit saddened because this coat is a very old Topshop favourite I had to bring back out because my current Primark favourite has ripped in the arm.. yes, I know, "buying a coat in Primark?!" Normally, I'm really snobby about coats too.. :( serves me right!

And, obviously, had to whip out the tartan in the Highlands! Thank YOU, River Island..

Outfit Details: Red Beret - eBay, I think! | Tartan Shirt - River Island, not online | Jumper - Next, old | Necklace - Next, old | Satchel Bag - Accessorize | Jeans - New Look | Coat - Topshop, old | Shoes - New Look, old

S'cuse me whilst I lay the red beret to rest and mourn my teen years..!

What have you been reaching for each Winter morning? I've got a snood on my Christmas wishlist!


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  1. Oh no - I totally disagree about the beret, I think it's adorable!


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