The Likely Lady is 5 Years Old!

31 January 2014

Too right!
This beautiful little blog o' mine is now the grand old age of 5! How did that happen, you glamorous dame..?

From the first post, waaaay back in January 2009 (aptly entitled 'The First of Many?', with a Topshop & Bebaroque wishlist), I've learned so so much on the road to where the blog is now..

For a start, I was 17 years old & used to sit snuggled up in my childhood bed scribbling in my moleskine diary each evening (Emma will tell you, it was a sight to behold..) whilst dreaming of things I wanted to do, feverishly scanning Gala Darling & manifesting my dream life. I'm now 22, about to graduate Uni and - hopefully! - work my butt off and go pursue those dreams! Education is almost over & the real world is teasing me with its charms (& terrors)..

Along the way, I've learned about: SEO (!!!! goddamnit, I really should go back and sort out those pre-historic posts..), post formatting, image editing & developed my writing style. Only this year, I've implemented a regular post schedule, whereas last year I started to regularly attend blogging events! It's all go over here.

This little slice of the internet has even gained me internships & job opportunities, and allowed me to make my mark on the world. And, for that, I am amazed! I never thought that would ever have been possible from the age of 17; sitting in my bed scribbling thoughts.

But, one thing I'm particularly grateful for are the friends & contacts I've made along the way.. ♥ You guys know who you are & I love each and every one of you!! Thanks for becoming "real pals" *said in a Kirsty voice* and helping me along the way in all your individual ways. Special thanks to Gillian for making my blog look 100x more beautiful than I could ever manage without her help!

So, one big champagne toast & a big bite out of an obnoxiously pink cupcake we go! Thanks for your continued reading & commenting, and for establishing the fabulous blogging community we have all become a part of. I can't wait to see which adventures I get up to this year with new & old friends..

From scribbled dreams to a beautiful reality, thank you!


Beating the January Blues at Rainbow Room, Glasgow

30 January 2014

Last night, I was invited to "beat the January blues" and experience all that Rainbow Room International in Glasgow have to offer; a true hair & beauty blogger extravaganza! And, of course, who am I - as a beauty obsessed Scot - to turn such an invite down?!

So, here's how I got on..

Three Things #3

26 January 2014

It's been a great week over here! After a pretty Dissertation focused first half of the week, the weekend featured a lot of food, drink & general merriment.. Oh, and a cheeky Jo Malone purchase..

So, here are my Three Things which made me crack a grin this week..

Celebrating Burns Night at Tempus Bar

24 January 2014

Bard's Burger Tempus Bar Edinburgh
Last night, me, Gillian, Lynne & Kirsty were kindly invited by Lisa at DADA PR to experience an innovative take on Burns Night by the skilled foodie geniuses at Tempus Bar, Edinburgh.

And, I'm not gonna lie.. even looking at the photo above is making me crave that Bard's Burger all over again.. *drool*

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish: The Review

22 January 2014

Another review! My first of 2014!

And, boy, it's a goodie.. please welcome the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish *breathe* to the blog! One of my favourite Christmas presents..

WIWT: Back to Uni

14 January 2014

Hey ladies & gents!

It's that time of the year again.. back to Uni/College/School/Work (insert as appropriate) we go!

I'm battling the back-to-uni blues with my bubblegum pink colour-pop Topshop weapon..! Try and say that one after a few glasses of wine..

Best of 2013 Part 1: Beauty & Blogging

12 January 2014

Scottish Bloggers Vlog Part 1
Mid-chat thumbnail.. eek!

A *big* change from normal blog scheduling today.. because I took part in my FIRST vlog! Terror..

Yes, folks.. I'm officially hopping on to the YouTube bandwagon - thanks to Lynne for filming & editing - with a collaboration with some of my favourite ladies (Lynne from Cocktails & Daydreams, Gillian from Elevatormusik & Kirsty from Indigo Buttons). It's basically like a Scottish Bloggers chat show, so apologies to any other nationalities completely confused at our accents..

Part 1 of our Best of 2013 videos features a wee chat with us about our favourite beauty & blogging bits of the year!

Stay tuned for Part 2 next Sunday evening over on Lynne's channel..!

Three Things #2

via Pinterest
It's been a pretty fab week over here!

This week, I got back on the exercise wagon, took part in my very first YouTube video as a vlogger, had a lovely Friday night in with friends, had lunch with my flatmate at a cafe we'd been meaning to try for years (ladies who lunch!), refreshed my room with lots of cleaning & reorganising, worked on my Dissertation, picked up a few new makeup releases & plotted out travel for 2014!

Going Down The Rabbit Hole at Monteiths..

9 January 2014

Monteiths Restaurant, Edinburgh
The Entrance to Monteiths, Edinburgh
For my 22nd birthday, me and my parents & bestie Emma descended on a little ol' place known as Monteiths; just off Edinburgh's historic Royal Mile. Having been lured by the promises of Scottish culinary excellence & twinkling fairy lights which lead you down into Monteiths Close, it really wasn't a difficult choice to book it!

So, for now, let me take you on a journey down the rabbit hole into Monteiths Restaurant.. *oooooh, ahhhh!*

2014: A New Year of Possibilities

7 January 2014

It's a brand new year; a freshly turned page in your new 2014 diary. And, how else should you spend your time than plotting out those goals & resolutions over the next month..?

Sorry if this seems a little late in the month, but to be honest - we need ALL THE REMINDERS we can get.. (!)

So, without further ado.. here are my Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

Three Things

5 January 2014


This is a new feature for the blog: 'Three Things' which have made me turn my frown upside down this week!

I cheekily stole this idea from my best friend Emma (go check out her blog!) as I think it's a really amazing thing to look back on over the year, as opposed to merely summing up the week. As my bestie is also doing it, we can also be each other's encouragement!

It took me a while to think how to format my Sunday posts, so please let me know if you enjoy it - and even if it has inspired you to start your own cheery series..!

I also don't want anyone to forget that we all have bad days & weeks (or even years), but that it's really important to acknowledge the good things & not to get too lost in negativity!

2013: Friendship, Food & Career!

2 January 2014

After a rather fab New Year spent amongst a few of my closest friends, I've finally recovered enough to actually be productive! So, here's to remembering the highs & lows of 2013..

Here is my initial 2013 post of Resolutions, which I'll update in the next post for 2014!