2014: A New Year of Possibilities

7 January 2014

It's a brand new year; a freshly turned page in your new 2014 diary. And, how else should you spend your time than plotting out those goals & resolutions over the next month..?

Sorry if this seems a little late in the month, but to be honest - we need ALL THE REMINDERS we can get.. (!)

So, without further ado.. here are my Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

My Top 5 New Year's Resolutions

1. Work Hard & Dream Big

Last year I really made stuff HAPPEN! I'm so proud of myself for getting my dream summer internship at PURE Spa like I aimed for and gaining lots of other experience working with Leah Hutcheon at Appointedd and Scotland Re:Designed. I also got a 1st in my uni team project last year, and was pretty relieved about that (given that it affects my Degree classification).

So, er.. talk about pressure for 2014?

It's now time to graduate and move into the working world permanently, without the comfort of student life always close by to keep me feeling safe and secure. Having made lots of contacts last year through work, I need to actually make use of them and offer to assist in any way I can. I remember being told by a visiting lecturer that "it's all about the hustle", and it's really true. Promoting yourself is one of the most important parts of getting your foot into your dream career route. And, I'm gonna continue to work my butt off to show everyone what I have to offer!

Note to any potential employers: I'm available for work from June 2014!

The Goals:
♥ Gain a 2:1 Degree
♥ Get into a marketing graduate job
♥ Stay in touch with my network!

Sporty in pink

2. Get Fit & Stay Active

Last summer I fulfilled a goal by joining the gym.. but I'm not making best use of it! I did start regularly doing (and still do) Blogilates videos on YouTube at home, and enjoy the endorphin rush I get from it. But, the Christmas period has put that to one side. This week was my first week back working out & it's been.. challenging, shall we say?

I've also got a lot of problems with my core fitness I'd like to address in 2014. I'm pretty weak in terms of upper-body strength, which is noticeable at the gym, where leg-work is relatively fine for me but core & arm strength exercises are tougher than tough. So, I'd like to work on this!

Anyone fancy being my gym buddy? ;)

The Goals
♥ Lose those extra 5 pounds & get back to my BMI
♥ Go to the gym atleast every week (3x per week is the dream!)
♥ Follow the Blogilates monthly plans
♥ Work on my core and build stability & strength.

For more info on my health & fitness journey as it progresses, follow my on-going 'Get Fit, Get Healthy' blog series.

3. Satisfy the Wanderlust!

I'm a bit of a walking contradiction. I'm a home bird who can't stay in one place too long. I always want to be seeing new things with my favourite people, but I like to have somewhere cosy to retreat to at the end of the night. (I'm the person who carries This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray with me wherever I travel.. fact.)

This year, I want to get OUT there, abroad. This is my only cross-over resolution from 2013 which needs to happen. I've already plotted out an Amsterdam adventure with a big group of pals, and am aiming to go on a beach holiday with my best friend to celebrate my graduation in the summer!

Last year was very work-oriented, and as much as spending my summer working full-time was amazingly rewarding, I really need to spend my last-remaining time as a student getting away before I come back & feel refreshed to start my career!

Pass me the sun-cream..

The Goals
♥ Renew my passport!
♥ Go to Amsterdam this year
♥ Book a beach break with my best friend in the early summer

April and May: my blog is...

4. Blog Like A Boss

Last year, I met a fantastic group of people through blogging. I remember the first evening I nervously trudged through Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh to meet Lynsey & Roisin.. it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences, but was the start of a 2013 journey which made me friends for life and got me involved with the blogging community much more than I thought I'd ever be brave enough for!

Into 2014, I want to develop an editorial calendar, get regular posting in place (Tues, Thurs & Sun) and write more skin-care based content, as this is an area I know I could offer tips on & make my blog a more valuable source of info for my readers.

It's my blog's 5 year anniversary at the end of January, so I'm gonna be celebrating in style! *confetti pop*

The Goals
♥ Post regularly on Tues, Thurs & Sun
♥ Implement an editorial calendar
♥ Develop a skin-care series of posts


5. ..Be Happy?

2013, as written about in my earlier post, was a tough year for me. Although it was obviously massively rewarding, it also brought me a lot of heartache & hurt that is still shadowing me. A lot of the reason for this is my inability to let go of the hurt and just accept the apologies I never got.

As the image says, it's all about me choosing joy & not pain. As much as I wish that it would magically change, the situation isn't within my control; how I react to it is, though.

Be happy and keep them all wondering what you're smiling about.. ;)

The Goals
♥ Write my weekly 'Three Things' post on a Sunday, highlighting 3 things which have made me happy that week!
♥ Have plans with my friends at least once a week (this one isn't hard, ha!)
♥ Put the energy of worrying into something more productive (e.g. write my blog, read, learn new skills, decorate or listen to music).

What are you planning for 2014? Link me up with your resolutions & let's achieve them together!



  1. Good luck with all your goals! I hope its an epic year for you :)

  2. This is so lovely and positive. re:getting fit - start running. It will change your life. x

    1. Thanks lady :) I did kinda start but feel so silly! Need to get over that stage once the weather perks up x


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