Beating the January Blues at Rainbow Room, Glasgow

30 January 2014

Last night, I was invited to "beat the January blues" and experience all that Rainbow Room International in Glasgow have to offer; a true hair & beauty blogger extravaganza! And, of course, who am I - as a beauty obsessed Scot - to turn such an invite down?!

So, here's how I got on..
Rosé with strawberries, yay!
We popped to the branch at Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow (a beautiful area which I hadn't seen at night, all lit up with strings of lights - gorgeous!) & picked up our badges and glasses of rosé.

To start the night off, I watched Roisin & Gill receive their carefully tailored Dermalogica facials (using their famed Face Mapping technique) whilst I caught up with Lynsey over drinks.

Messy Textured Curls Demo

Hair: Before
I then decided to pop upstairs to see how Gillian & Kirsty's hairstyling was going, and was promptly approached about getting my own hair styled! Now, this was not pre-planned so my hair had barely had a brush dragged through it that day (talk about timing, eh..?) So, I reluctantly took off my trusty bowler hat and let the lovely RRI ladies get to work on my bird's nest!

Hair: After
During the initial consultation, my hair stylist asked how I usually styled my hair; to which I responded that I rarely go near a pair of straighteners, preferring a curly/wavy finish with lots of texture. She picked up on my cues super-quick and set me down in a chair with the promise of showing me the ease of GHD curls. Now, ladies, I am the worst person at attempting to curl with irons. I much prefer my Enrapture Totem Curling Tong for everyday waves. (Although, funny story: my flatmate learned to curl with straighteners after thinking that's how I achieved mine!) But, it was as good a time as any to try and learn from a pro.

She got to work with super quick (& er, easy???) looking curls, alternating direction to achieve a nice haphazard texture. Before each section, she sprayed with Osis Refresh n Shine Dry Conditioner to give my ends a more nourished shiny finish. After curling, she brushed the curls out for a soft finish & scrunched a salt spray throughout the hair to give it that gritty messy texture I crave. To add the finishing touches, she popped a little Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder through the curls to add extra volume. And, ta-da! From hat-hair to rock-star curls with minimal effort. I'll definitely be taking her tips into consideration each morning! Particularly with the salt spray & volumising powder - two products I didn't give much thought to previously.

Gillian & Kirsty looking glamorous! '70s waves, pin-curls & a vixenous firey beehive!
The Rainbow Room team in action!
Scottish Blogger catch-ups at Rainbow Room

Jessica Manicure Demo

After a wee blether with some of the other ladies I haven't seen in a while (like Morag with her beautiful fishtail braid!), I popped off back downstairs to see if I could be slotted in for my manicure at the nail bar. My nails were in desperate need of a good pampering, so I was pretty excited to have someone professional take a look at my cuticles.. (oh my, beauty geekisms coming out there, apologies..)

I promise I don't normally look this ridiculous.. caught mid-pully-face as per! Instagram via Kirsty
Whilst I, errrrm, pulled a questionable face ^^, I actually thoroughly enjoyed this wee pamper sesh. Sadly, Kirsty got this beaut of a shot for y'all. I picked out the Jessica Mardi Gras polish - an orangey-red shade. That's my usual mani colour of choice all year round as I love the pop of colour it brings to my nails, but I've never used Jessica nail products before & I'm pleasantly surprised to say that my mani is still going strong, after many a shower & dish-washing sesh! Thumbs up from me.. My manicurist also used the Jessica Quick Dry for its super-fast drying powers and a smudge-free finish. Plus, a few drops of Jessica Phenomen Oil to keep my cuticles moisturised.

My Jessica manicure in 'Mardi Gras'
Gillian, Kirsty, me & Lynsey after our hairstyling sessions! Photo via Paula

Me deep in Instagram thought (or apparently asleep) with my bowler hat, before the hairstylist whipped it off..
Photo via Paula
All in all, a wonderful night full of my favourite bloggers & new experiences at Rainbow Room Royal Exchange Square. Thanks for having us, team!

Have you headed to Rainbow Rooms before? Nice wee pit stop in town for a quick lunchtime mani or an elegantly coiffed hair-up before a night on the tiles!


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