Celebrating Burns Night at Tempus Bar

24 January 2014

Bard's Burger Tempus Bar Edinburgh
Last night, me, Gillian, Lynne & Kirsty were kindly invited by Lisa at DADA PR to experience an innovative take on Burns Night by the skilled foodie geniuses at Tempus Bar, Edinburgh.

And, I'm not gonna lie.. even looking at the photo above is making me crave that Bard's Burger all over again.. *drool*

Tempus Bar Edinburgh

Tempus Bar Edinburgh
On arrival at Tempus, we were seated in a lovely table beside the window, overlooking George Street. It provided a lot of people-watching opportunities on a busy Thursday evening, so we were happy!

We took a look over the cocktail menu and chose the Schnapp Happy Cocktail (apart from Lynne, who opted for an Elderflower Tattoo - good choice!)

Tempus Bar Edinburgh
Schnapp Happy Cocktail

Tempus Bar Edinburgh
After a wee cocktail & some complimentary freshly baked warm bread (and a lot of catching up - it had been 2 WHOLE WEEKS since we'd last seen each other.. a lot can happen in 2 weeks, ladies!), our main courses arrived quickly. We were recommended to avoid opting for a starter, because the main was one helluva big 'un - and our waitress was not wrong..

Bard's Burger at Tempus Bar Edinburgh
Bard's Burger at Tempus Bar, Edinburgh

My eyes kind of grew massive as I looked at it. The burger was ginormous! So, a wee run-down of what's included in the Bard's Burger:

A half-pound burger (YES) made with venison mince & haggis, topped with cheese & salad. All served up with redcurrant and turnip chutney (amazing) & jenga chips topped with a balsamic glaze.

.. After finishing this monster, we were completely unable to eat dessert, and instead opted for another cocktail (standard) to wash it down with.. This time, I went for the Rozmopolitan (basically a Cosmopolitan).

Tempus Bar Edinburgh
Rozmopolitan Cocktail at Tempus Bar, Edinburgh

It was delish! And light enough to keep my extremely full stomach happy..

A few extra shots of our happy wee night out:

Me & Gillian ready to be defeated by the Bard's Burger.. photo by Lynne

The "Mum & Dad", Kirsty & Lynne looking beaut

Waaah.. Suffice to say it was good.

The Bard's Burger is only available until Sunday 26th January (Burns Night is Saturday) - so get crackin', you lot! It's available all day & is priced at £15 for a helluva lot of bang for your buck! I even told my friend Jenn, who's heading over today for a taste, to avoid lunch..

Tempus Bar, 25 George Street, Edinburgh | 0131 240 7197

What are you up to for Burn's Night, fellow Scots?



  1. oh em gee this burger looks top notch. so jealous. :)

  2. Wish I wasn't working this weekend. That burger looks like my boyfriends idea of heaven! Tempus is so nice too, their lunch menu is really good :) x

  3. Wow that burger is mahoosive! I'm not to keen on the thought of eating venison though but everything else looked lovely! I've not been down in Edinburgh for ages so thanks for reminding me to make a visit soon :) xx


  4. I am glad I avoided lunch. Oh my word the burger was a carb fest of amazingness! So ridiculously yummy, sad I couldn't make Thursday with you lovely ladies :( xxx

    1. Aww :( next time! I'm glad you agree on the crazy carb fest haha xxx

  5. That Meal looks immense! It's making me hungry ehee. Love the layout of your blog, its soooo pretty! did you design it yourself? xx


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