REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish: The Review

22 January 2014

Another review! My first of 2014!

And, boy, it's a goodie.. please welcome the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish *breathe* to the blog! One of my favourite Christmas presents..

Now, I'm not exactly unfamiliar with this luxury body scrub. Last summer, as long-term readers may know, I worked as a Digital Marketing Intern at PURE Spa. During that time, my colleague Farhana introduced me (extremely excitedly) to this product. I'd already gotten used to REN facial skincare products before going to PURE, but the Moroccan Rose range was brand new to me. And, fortunately, as a member of the team, I got a wee shot of it after work one night. And, let me just say.. it was amazing.

From that evening onwards, I've been kinda dreaming about it. More-so, as I first owned the REN Moroccan Rose Body Wash (for luxurious evening showers ♥), so the scent was reminding me more and more of what I was missing out on..

The Promise

REN describe the scrub as:
"A gentle exfoliating Cane Sugar body polish that will leave the skin silky smooth, energized and lightly scented with roses."

On the ingredient front, it contains:
  • Cane Sugar exfoliates the skin, boosts cell turn around and enhances skin renewal 
  • Olive and Almond Oils replenish dry skin 
  • Theophylline from Paraguay Tea and Caffeine from Kola Nut boost microcirculation to energize, revive and tone the skin

All tied up with a glorious injection of Moroccan Rose Otto Oil; a really expensive, much-celebrated luxury essential oil, which is fantastic for skin!

The Reality

This product does what it says on the tin.. to maximum effect. I'm gonna be honest first though: if you don't enjoy the scent of rose (and, really, it's a lotta rose), then you really shouldn't go for this product. It packs a punch. I've noticed a few bloggers made reference to that fact when they were sent bottles of the Moroccan Rose Bath Oil, so I thought I oughta say.. But, if you can withstand it (or LOVE it), then I urge you to give it a shot.

Work it in to dry or damp skin in gentle circular motions all over the body for silky smooth exfoliated skin. The oil really works into your skin to leave it feeling nourished & glowing all over. This is my go-to product for a fancy-pancy bathtime routine, when I'm feeling especially indulgent. Normally, I stick to Soap & Glory for exfoliating in the shower, but this is 100x better and much gentler for the skin, with the Cane Sugar getting to work on sloughing away dead skin cells, without scratching on the skin like some body exfoliators can tend to do.

Top Tip: Dry skin is the best canvas for a good ol' exfoliating sesh! This way, the product won't get diluted, and the oils can sink into the skin before you get into a hot bath. This also pre-protects your skin from dehydration caused by hot baths.. a danger in the winter months!

Would I Repurchase It?

Well.. this was gifted to me by my lovely gran. However, absolutely would purchase in future! However, I'm gonna stick to making it a big treat as, at £32, it's a bit pricey..!

Thanks again to Farhana, my beauty-obsessed pal, for the moment her eyes grew massive and she dragged me up to get a tester, after discovering I'd never tried it out before! Haha.

It's available in all good department stores (including M&S), direct from REN or online. RRP £32 for 330ml

What do you think of the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish? Is it a product you'd like to try out? Or what about the rest of the range?


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  1. I'd like to try this :) You should buy it for me :p GREAT REVIEW.


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