Three Things #2

12 January 2014

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It's been a pretty fab week over here!

This week, I got back on the exercise wagon, took part in my very first YouTube video as a vlogger, had a lovely Friday night in with friends, had lunch with my flatmate at a cafe we'd been meaning to try for years (ladies who lunch!), refreshed my room with lots of cleaning & reorganising, worked on my Dissertation, picked up a few new makeup releases & plotted out travel for 2014!

The Three Things I loved most this week:

1. My very first vlogging cameo!

The girls (Gillian, Lynne & Kirsty) working on our vlog..

....I'll post more about this later today!

2. Blogilates fever!

I got all fired up doing Blogilates, FitSugar & Tone It Up workouts! Colourful workout gear is a necessity..

3. Giving a new lease of life to my inspiration board..

I hadn't switched it up with my inspiration board for pretty much years.. I'd often go from flat to flat just putting up the same ol' pictures to tide me over & get the decoration process done. Now, however, I've finally put up my John Lewis prints, magazine cut-outs, memorable birthday cards, scribbled quotations & style inspiration to ensure I get a spark of creativity every time I look over. And, let's be honest, with a serious Pinterest addiction like mine, it's perhaps time to get the printer working!?

Which Three Things did you love most this week?



  1. I really like the idea you have for the inspiration board. What do you usually put on it? I might have to steal the idea off you for my own use.

    1. Hey, go for it! It's a great thing to have. I usually put up quotations which resonate with me, style or life inspiration, art & illustrations I love, pictures of my best friends or heroes, places I love, mementos & childhood photos.

      Try out Pinterest and get pinning your favourite things! Would be a good place to start.

  2. Bloody love blogilates! Make me feel super strong. Just did an hours workout and then had a bath and am definitely feeling the chilled Sunday vibes :)

    1. Same! Although a lot of people I know cringe when they watch Cassie.. It's definitely marmite! I love it. She keeps me motivated! And, now I'm craving a bath.. mmm..

  3. Great blog! I just started following :)
    I lovee your inspiration board! I've been wanting to make one for a while but have no clue what to put on it - how ironic ;) And what's blogilates?
    Malvika - Dreaming in Luxe


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