The Ugly Duckling, Edinburgh: The Review

26 February 2014

The Ugly Duckling, Vintage Furniture, Edinburgh
The Ugly Duckling, Edinburgh
So, for the past 9 months I've been keeping a well-kept secret... Here goes.

There's this shop called The Ugly Duckling in Morningside, Edinburgh, and it is pretty much a treasure trove of vintage goodness! I came across it when my flatmate (who knows me too well) walked past it and instantly thought 'Laura' as she peered into the windows; filled up with floral bunting, birdcages and fairy lights. This would basically be my boudoir if I lived in the 1950s; a Pinterest DREAM. So, on I went this week, laden with my Nikon and flatmate in tow (who is in love with the place as much as I am now - sorry to her boyfriend who jokes I've changed her, what with my fairy lights n' all, haha!)..

PS - this post isn't sponsored - I just love it lots & wanted to support Ruth with her fab shop! :)

The Ugly Duckling, Vintage Furniture, Edinburgh
After a nice wee jasmine tea & a scone at a new local cafe, we pottered along to the Morningside shop on 3 Church Hill Place. Morningside & Bruntsfield are my favourite areas of Edinburgh for a nice stroll & a browse along the rows of independent retailers. They usually feature all the goodness you can usually only find on Not On The High Street or Etsy! So, The Ugly Duckling slots into the area really well.

Opened in March 2013, Ruth - the lovely owner - has spent the past year building the shop up to become a valuable source of vintage homewares, gifts, jewellery & accessories for locals. She even upcycles furniture & pretties it up in a way only Ruth can! Most of the furniture you'll see in my photos was, in fact, DIY'd by Ruth downstairs in her workshop. As she says herself, "I see all these (furniture) designs in magazines and think 'I could just do that myself'".

It's also decorated with lyrics on the walls from the nursery rhyme 'The Ugly Duckling' which brings a big smile to my face! Prepare yourself for the cutest pictures you'll find on my blog.. (and the most on-brand! The Likely Lady, eat your heart out!?)

The Ugly Duckling, Vintage Furniture, Edinburgh

The Ugly Duckling, Vintage Furniture, Edinburgh

... Are you in love yet? The Ugly Duckling is verrrrry reasonably priced (and I'll be back here pronto, once I move into my first professional flat this summer!). Last year, I picked up cute little hanging hearts for our bathroom & hallway which were much better value & more authentic than in your typical home store! Ruth is also a great lady to call on if you're in the market for a specific item of vintage furniture.. she's often off spotting in antique markets and fairs and may be able to keep an eye out, if you're nice enough ;) What a star! And she's also fab for a chat.. go keep her company, ladies & gents and tell her I sent you!

The Ugly Duckling is over on Facebook & Instagram if you wanna head over and keep updated with her constant stream of new stock!

Open 10am - 5:30pm Mon-Sat
3 Church Hill Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4BE
0131 447 0867


  1. This looks gorgeous! Might pop in on Saturday!

  2. Awww this looks so lovely!! xx

  3. Ruth is a very good friend of my daughter iv had in my company many times iv never been in the shop yet as I live in Cumbernauld , but I follow every day on Facebook and im always leaving comments and the great thing about Ruth she always drops u a reply back Ruths personality matches her wee shop and it just screams out her style keep up the fantastic work Ruth ur wee shop is a breath of fresh air xx

  4. I've been to the shop couple of times now and I just LOVE it!!!! i wish i could furnish my flat with all the gorgeous stuff she makes and fill it with all the décors....also i love the jewellery and well EVERYTHING that's there. seriously, i'm not sure if it's good or bad for me that i've found this shop, cause my account is in danger, but my eyes cant get enough of it! :) girls, this is MUST go shop :)

  5. I live in Bruntsfield and I'm not actually sure if I've been in this shop. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it next time I'm strolling down Morningside though, it's so cute! xx


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