Three Things #4

2 February 2014

Snuggle Muffin, Glasgow
Cupcakes at Snuggle Muffin!

This week has been filled to the brim with blogger events, the final move on from aforementioned heartbreak & pleasant surprises! Now, let's ignore the fact I have a burn mark on my chin from an unfortunate curling tong incident & get on with the good stuff..!

1. Learning all about blogging from the pros!

Digitas LBi Edinburgh Blogger Event
Nothing better than a cuppa tea!
This week, I ventured out to an extremely early (weekend) 9am event. Digitas LBi had invited us along to an all-day event featuring talks from Bangs & a Bun, Lavender & Lovage and the Digitas team themselves. I had no idea what to expect on the day, but had a really interesting time learning more about SEO (from the SEO Master Ali!), working with brands, competitions & how to propel my blog into a higher level of awesome (!) I think Digitas will be hosting further events in the future, so I'm looking forward to that. My favourite speaker was Muireann, the founder of kick-ass blog Bangs & a Bun. She was a fantastic spark of energy & really gave us all a passion to get our blogs moving in a new direction. Suffice to say, I was tap-tap-tapping away on my iPad writing notes down during her talk.

So, thanks again to the Digitas LBi Edinburgh team! And, for their own-brand beer ha! Quite a quirk at the after-drinks.

2. Entering cake heaven at Snuggle Muffin, Glasgow!

Snuggle Muffin, Glasgow
Cupcake decorating!
I headed along to the Snuggle Muffin party on Wednesday & pretty much had a sugar-driven meltdown at how amazing the cakes were. Snuggle Muffin is on 120 George Street, Glasgow and is a haven for those seeking an all-out sugar buzz, a good ol' cuppa tea & cake or lunch on a drizzly Scottish afternoon. Launched by 21 year old Juliane Grasekamp in 2013, Snuggle Muffin has gone from being a business that started by selling cupcakes out of her school locker to being a popular local business in the heart of Glasgow.

I love this quote from Juliane so much:
“I wanted to make a place for indulgence, where people can get that warm fuzzy feeling. I'm a firm believer that you can't be sad with a cupcake in your hand.”
Waaaah, you lovely lady, you! Top marks from me.. Just need to find a reason to go back to Glasgow & try out her sandwiches and waffles..

3. Dinner & Drinks at The Roseleaf, Edinburgh!

The Roseleaf, Edinburgh
Mac & Cheese at The Roseleaf, Edinburgh
A surprise entry: me, Gillian, Roisin & Lynsey decided to head along to The Roseleaf by The Shore in Edinburgh for some food to fill our tums after a day at nearby Creative Exchange, where the LBi event was held. I've never ever had such AMAZING Mac & Cheese, and I also really loved my first shot of Strawberry Thistly Cross Cider. Yum. So worth the wait, as I've spent about 3 years with the Roseleaf on my to-visit list! Apparently, the pot tails (cocktails in tea cups) are infamous, so we'll have to head back to try 'em out soon! Also, they've got a very respectable vintage hat collection ready for all you afternoon tea go'ers.. So cute.

It's really been an amazing week! I feel like I've moved forwards in so many areas of my life this week, so it's worthy of lots of love & gratitude!! Which Three Things have you loved this week..?



  1. Yayyyyy for The Roseleaf! So glad you finally went <3 I'm also glad your heart is feeling healed. You deserve all the happiness in the world little lady xx

    1. Thank you baaabe! I actually feel so different. Feels like I've cut the cord & I'm free of it :) The Roseleaf deserves more timeeee. Gonna have to head back! xx

  2. My fave three things are THE SAME AS YOUR FAVE THREE THINGS. Feeling so inspired blog-wise after yesterday, have written out a big to-do list of things to make my blog super awesome. x

    1. Hahahaaa we're such losers! Together 4ever. Yeah, I'm gonna have to translate my notes from my ipad to write out a list! x

    2. Same here!! I started noting things down today that I want to start doing thanks to yesterday. Also have a lot of love for the cake and The Roseleaf. T'was a great week and I'm so glad you're feeling better :) xx

  3. It sounds like you've had a brilliant week! Love the sound of snuggle muffin - who can say not to cake!
    You seem very happy :)
    This week I have loved a naughty lunch at Ed's Diner (PB & banana milkshake!!), seeing my bestie who's just got back from Oz and new pretty fairy lights! xx

    1. It really was a great week & I do feel good :) Haha, I know. Such a cute name too ;)
      Ohhh my, Ed's Diner sounds amazing! Want! Xx

  4. I've just found your blog and I love it! You've got some great posts here! New follower xx


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