Three Things #6: Neon Pink Blazers & Raspberry Ripple Cocktails

23 February 2014

Hey! Sorry I've been AWOL the past couple of weeks.. Duty calls! Final year at uni is a little manic & job-hunting even more-so. However, I've been up to a lot so I'll try and get it all in to this post..!

1. Food, Food & more Food!

Burgers Meats Bun
Burger Meats Bun, Glasgow
It seems I've loved to eat at lots of new places recently.. Us Scottish bloggers were invited to the re-launch of The Southsider pub in Edinburgh, and were treated to lots of bar menu tasters & drinks to tide us over. Rather naively, me, Lynne, Gillian & Kirsty decided to also fuel up at 56 North beforehand - not expecting massive portions later on! - so that was some evening for my jeans' buttons..

Me, Roisin & Gillian also made a dash for Burger Meats Bun the other day, thanks to some quick-thinking Yelp app usage from me when we were stranded in the centre of Glasgow in want of a nice feast without the typical budget chain-restaurant affair! It's a little bit of a Glasgow bloggers' cliche now and we loved it. But, they might wanna re-think the lack of plates as I got a liiiittle too much tissue included in my meal.. Perfect for a casual evening of rustic '50s American-style burger feasting! I wanna try Bread Meats Bread next as I hear they have sweet potato fries on their menu.. I can't say no.

Aaaaand.. Soon to come: a post on me & Gillian's Afternoon Tea at The Corinthian (my lovely raffle prize from the Scottish Bloggers' Christmas Party).

2. Palentines with My Girls

Home-made Raspberry Ripple Cocktails at Gillian's

I was scrolling through The Glitter Guide one evening when I came across this beautiful photoshoot of a gang of girl pals who organised a fancy-schpancy alternative to Valentines, featuring girlie drinks, brunch items & lots of red & pink! I immediately encouraged my fellow singletons (and not-so-singletons) to join me in celebrating Valentines as a group. Besides, last year featured the break-up to end all break-ups for me, so I needed the distraction! Gillian christened it 'Palentines' & baked and created her wee heart out, with popcorn in old-skool pink polka-dot cinema boxes; raspberry ripple cocktails with sprinkles & stripey paper straws & piles upon piles of scones, biscuits & cupcakes (plus mini cucumber sandwiches, natch). She's some woman, our Gillian.. Read her blog post for the heart-shaped chocolate-dipped shortbread recipe!

Suffice to say, after staying up 'til 4am putting the world to rights, we were actually enjoying valentines this year! Here's to new traditions, even when we're all married off!

PS - big big massive thanks to my bestie Emma for surprising me with a delivery of red roses on Valentines - I love you!

3. My new Neon Pink River Island Boucle Blazer

Blazer from River Island
No words, just love. Also featured: my first rummage in Forever 21 resulted in this dress.

Which Three Things do you wanna give a shout-out to this week? Let me know!



  1. Do you have a recipe for the raspberry cocktails, they sound amazing! xx

    1. Hey :) it was adapted from this recipe apparently:

      Hope this helps xx

  2. I have eaten sooo muuuucchhh food this week, better get on my exercise bike hahaaaa.
    Love your pink blazer, I definitely need to go shopping for some summery things! x

  3. Oh what a gorgeous blazer! So bright!
    Love the sound of your Palentines! Sounds like such a lovely night. Valentine's Day definitely isn't just for couples :) Lovely of your best friend to send you roses!


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