A Wee 'Out of Office' Note

18 March 2014

Hi guys,

Just to inform you I'll be taking a break from blogging for a few weeks. I have my Dissertation deadline in less than a month, and I need to work hard and focus my efforts entirely on that. My head is filled with far too many responsibilities & worries so I've got to shed them where I can! I pretty much had an explosion of stress today, and realised this is what I need to do. Apologies, as I'll miss this, and there are so many posts I want to write when I get back.. stay tuned! I hope you all stick around on the upcoming 'Graduate Laura' journey! I think it'll be a good 'un.. ♥


Afternoon Tea at The Corinthian, Glasgow

11 March 2014

Image via Holyrood PR

I'm back with a review of my afternoon tea at The Corinthian in Glasgow last month.. but, beware! It's full of cakes a-plenty and will probably make you drool with envy. It's certainly making me peckish writing out this post..

Pinspiration #6: Ibizan Sunsets, Cocktails & Bikinis

3 March 2014

Good evening, cuties!

I didn't post my Three Things last night.. I would feel bad, but I'm a busy bee with Dissertation. 2 months to go and I'm outta here.. a graduate! Well, as of July, I will be..

Last week, me & my best friend Emma booked our summer holiday to Ibiza in June. To say I'm buzzing would be an understatement.. *squeeeeeeee* We're gonna soak up the sun, get our tan on & drink cocktails at sunset. I love & miss Emma so much so this will be such a good thing for us to do :)

Anyway, here's a Pinspiration post conjured up based on the magic of Ibizan Sunsets, Cocktails & Bikinis.. Yum!