Afternoon Tea at The Corinthian, Glasgow

11 March 2014

Image via Holyrood PR

I'm back with a review of my afternoon tea at The Corinthian in Glasgow last month.. but, beware! It's full of cakes a-plenty and will probably make you drool with envy. It's certainly making me peckish writing out this post..

So, last Christmas I was lucky enough to win the Afternoon Tea at The Corinthian for 2 voucher in the raffle at Paula & Scott's Scottish Bloggers' Christmas Party.

Suffice to say I was more than chuffed, and decided to save it for a rainy day. That rainy day came a-knockin' on the 20th Feb when it felt more than appropriate to wolf down lots of cakes & mini sarnies and sip on endless cups of tea - not that we'd not had enough or anything on "Palentine's". Off me & Gillian headed into Glasgow on a drizzly afternoon. After a stop off in Forever 21 (my first visit!), we headed over to The Corinthian with grumbling tums; ready for all the food they could throw at us.

The first thing you're presented with is the amaziiiing intricate decor within The Corinthian. It's beautiful & really makes your afternoon tea experience feel extra special! There were more than a few snaps taken of the detailing..

On we went with our tea!

It was the right level of deliiiish for both of us. We started off with the crustless sandwiches (a combination of beef salad, tuna mayo, cheese & onion and ham salad). They were all pretty damn perfect. But, as Gillian pointed out, it would have been better to see some classics like the ol' faithful cucumber or egg sandwiches in there amongst the others. Other than that, I can't fault them.

Next, we smothered our cinnamon & plain scones with generous amounts of raspberry jam and whipped cream (don't want it all to go to waste..?!). The scones were so good. I'm actually so hungry for one right now in describing them.

And, the final crescendo.. the sweet treats! In our little cake tier we had raspberry blancmange, banoffee tartlets, chocolate cake and swan meringues. I particularly loved the banoffee tartlets and raspberry blancmange, but I do feel the chocolate cake was more just a plain victoria sponge with cocoa in it. The swan meringue was definitely more for show than anything else, but it was lovely anyway.

We weren't too full - to the point of feeling sick like some afternoon teas can create - by the end, but we were definitely satisfied, so I'd say they've created the perfect afternoon tea portion size!

The service we experienced was a little disappointing, and we had to remind our server about teaspoons and requested water more than should be acceptable. This was probably just a one-off though, so I wouldn't let it sway my decision to return.

I'd definitely recommend popping back there if you have a special day out in Glasgow! The atmosphere and surroundings are gorgeous!

An afternoon tea at The Corinthian is priced at £14.50 per person / £21.95 including a glass of Champagne per person.

The Corinthian Club, 191 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1DA
Tel: 0141 552 1101


  1. Bit of an afternoon tea fan and I've done quite a few but this one looks absolutely gorgeous, not sure I've ever been anywhere as beautiful! WOW! £14.50 per person is a bargain as well! Is the Corinthian a chain? I'll have to look it up, I want to go now! x

    1. Yeah it really is lovely inside! And a proper bargain :) Nope, it's just in Glasgow. Hope you have a good time if you do head there! x

  2. I love the Corinthian its just so posh and fancy inside but I have heard the same from other people about the service but the cakes do look yummy! xx


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