Morning Skincare Routine

28 April 2014

Morning Skincare Routine Hydraluron Una Brennan

I'm back with the first in a line-up of skincare posts I photographed a week or two ago! The first will focus on my morning skincare routine; something my skincare-obsessed blogger friends have been nagging me to post for a whiiiile..!

Here it goes (especially for you guys, obviously!)

*A quick note: My skin-type would be described as normal with the odd blemish or two. It was previously combination/dehydrated/blemish-prone.*


I generally use my cleanser whilst I'm in the shower in the mornings - saves lots of time & hasn't affected my skin whatsoever so I'm down with that! I use my long-time favourite cleanser, the Una Brennan Super Facialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Purifying Cleansing Wash (*BREATHE*). I wrote a review of it here if you wanna hop along & check out my detailed thoughts on that one. The magic ingredient which lured me in was the salicylic acid. When I first purchased it, my skin was prone to the odd blemish or two and this little lady cleared me right up. I know some bloggers have commented on its drying effects after excessive daily use, but this hasn't affected me fortunately. May be in part because I follow it up with hydrating serums & moisturisers. If you're oily or just want to keep your skin clear - on a budget! - then this is your new best friend. Steer clear, dry skin fighters..


I've begun using a combination of two serums of late. I've stuck by Hydraluron for over a year (see my review here) and it has been a steady pal which has kept my skin completely normal and balanced, as well as maximising my moisturiser's benefits. But, a new guy is in town to go with it... let me introduce: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster*. I received it in my Debenhams Press Show goodie bag in March and whipped it out almost instantly the following morning. It smells heavenly - like a bowl full of oranges. It's packed with antioxidants & vitamins to keep your skin nourished and smooth; with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Green tea extract, Grapefruit & Orange extract, Rosehip extract and Sodium Hyaluronate (which binds all the hydration into your skin). I love it, basically. I can't say what it would do for other skin-types, but it is a nice ol' treat in the mornings to wake me up. And GREAT in conjunction with my orange-scented caffeine-boosting moisturiser....


Hellooooo, you! Yes, the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser is still here. I am such a loyal skincare product user, eh? No affairs being had 'round these parts. Nope. As before, I've written a full review here. But, basically, it's a gel-based oil-free moisturiser (great for normal/oily skin-types!) which perks up dull skin (basically what we are left with post-winter...) and gives it a shot of espresso. Well... not quite (!), but the caffeine in it will certainly jolt up your skin and get you ready for the day. I like that it's described as "a skin energy drink" - accurate!

Eye Cream

I sort out those tired peepers with the Dermalogica Total Eye Care SPF 15*. Ok, ok.. I'll admit. I lied when I said I was a loyal skincare product user.. if there's one product I am a floozy with, it's eye cream. Whatever's lying around generally suffices! I wouldn't go out and purchase this - it really was one of those goodie bag situations! I recommend investing in the accompanying Origins GinZing Eye Cream to really get bang for your buck in the waking-up-gracefully category. But, yes, this does its job and keeps my eyes hydrated (not that they're particularly dry anyway, so I couldn't comment on that problem!), de-puffed and line-free.

Lip Balm

I am a Nivea Lip Balm devotee.. yes. I said it. I crossed over to the dark side with Carmex Cherry Lip Balm, but always came back to good ol' reliable Nivea. This particular formula (with Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter) is so so nourishing on my lips. I bought the Nivea Soft Rose formula and wasn't very impressed, so I'd definitely stick with the little blue tube! My opinion with lip balm is: less novelty coca-cola/strawberry/unicorn-cupcake-sprinkles flavouring, more hydration. Just me....?!

The End! What's in your Morning Skincare Routine? Get commenting below!


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