Evening Skincare Routine

29 May 2014

Evening Skincare Routine
Hey guys!

Following on from my earlier Morning Skincare Routine post (here), I thought I'd talk you through my evening skincare routine - from the products I use to take off the day's face, to the wee indulgent touches that get my body into sleepy mode.

First Cleanse (Make-Up Removal)

As a lover of the double cleanse method (see here for more info on the benefits of double cleansing, particularly in the evening), I always start with a cleansing product targeted at getting the majority of my makeup off my face and, most importantly, out of my pores! For this, on a lazy evening I will break out a few cotton pads and soak them in L'Oreal's Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. I use about 3/4 pads (including 1 for each eye to really work off my eye makeup) in total, and my skin feels ready for the second cleanse stage. However, I've recently purchased the Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel, and am using that to really rid the skin of makeup on most evenings. I'll pop up a review when I've used it enough as, despite its glowing reviews, it has mineral oils in it which I am worried will break me out. My sensitive skin doesn't react well to silicon or mineral oil ingredients (or anything that acts as a strong barrier on the skin) usually, so fingers crossed it's okay with that..

Second Cleanse (Deep Cleanse)

My favourite cleanser right now for really making an impact on the look and feel of my skin is definitely the Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash. It is a magical product! I do sadly only have a sample bottle of it, but it has lasted me ages, as I try not to use it every day, and stick with the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel for more liberal application. It's such a strong product (and unable to be used on the eyes, unless you love stinging agony) that I save it for evenings when I really want to feel squeaky clean. I can only really recommend this cleanser for people with normal skin, as my skin isn't really dry or oily. Let me know if you have either of these skin types & also love it though! Your face just feels a lot smoother and more glowing than without it ♥


I'm still waiting to be able to purchase a good toner (they're all either out of stock when I go in to the counters or only in stock now and again - ahem, Pixi Glow Tonic, I'm looking at you). I really should just give in and do an online order, shouldn't I..? SO, anyway, instead of toner, I just skip straight to serum. And, of course, Hydraluron is my go-to (review here) to make sure my later moisturiser really sinks right into my pores, due to its magnetic properties.. proper hydration-magnet, this one. I know a lot of folks have gone off Hydraluron (it can feel quite sticky on the skin), but it's kinda like my ol' friend and I can't abandon it..

Eye Cream

I'm currently using the Dermalogica Eye Cream. Honestly, eye creams are dime & a dozen to me (sorry), so any will do - unless it's a delicate morning and I crave Origins Gin Zing, but let's not think about that... *shiver*. It's really creamy and comes out tinted for some reason, but this doesn't appear to stay when dotted in. You really need a tiny smidgen of this or it will sit around just chillin' under your eyes. OH! I did just purchase the Korres Eye Cream in a set though so stay tuned..


My night cream of choice is of course the Origins Night-A-Mins moisturiser. It smells like a deeper more intense version of its sister Origins Gin Zing for the morning, with its more luxurious spa scent of citrus. Anyway, it's thick and you only need a little to really get that hydration going. One thing I've noticed with this night cream is that it helps to calm any active outbreaks, which I'm surprised by because of its thickness. Go for the oil-free though if you can! Mmm... silky soft nourished skin..

Lip Balm

I keep swaying and then coming back to the boring ol' Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm. Even the tinted versions dry out my lips, but this little guy keeps them super soft. A little swoosh of that and then it's time to get under the covers!

A Spritz of Sleep

My favourite comforting aroma to spritz all over my bed sheets is definitely the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I actually love it even more to take when I'm away travelling as I'm really weirdly sensitive to unfamiliar scents when I'm sleeping.. definitely gonna throw this one in the Ibiza suitcase in a few weeks! Anyway, it really gives my body the sign that it's time to sleep and I love it lots! I also dot some of the This Works Deep Sleep Balm on to my pulse points to really maximise the sleepy experience. Et voila!

Aside from brushing my teeth & running a brush through my matted mane, that's my routine in total! I urge you all to get into your jammies right now and go watch Game of Thrones whilst eating Nutella out the jar with a spoon. Not that I do that or anything...

What's your evening skincare routine looking like right now? Comment below!


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