TGI Fridays Glasgow: #BurgerBlindDate

23 May 2014

TGI Fridays Buchanan Street Glasgow
A couple of weeks ago, I was kindly invited by TGI Fridays to their Buchanan Street venue to sample their new burger menu under the heading of Burger Blind Date. Now, who am I to turn down offers of upcoming "romance of the incredibly meaty variety"?! With the promise of a wide selection of "sizzling suitors" to choose from, I was SOLD. Besides, me & my pals often refer to ourselves as #burgerlovinbabes ;) (blame Gillian for this amazing title).
We rolled up in Glasgow ready to fill our bellies with burger goodness. Well, right after Kirsty bought new shoes.. And I lost out on my dream kimono (and, later, claimed one in Edinburgh! Seems to be sold out now online, woah)

TGI Fridays Buchanan Street Glasgow

The lovely TGIs team got us settled at the bar with our choice of cocktail from the massive menu. Having not eaten yet, I played it "safe"(?!) & ordered a strawberry daiquiri - my fail safe option, when I don't fancy a mojito. He put fancy-shmancy 8 year old Bacardi Rum in mine, but quite honestly, when asked if it tasted better, I was indifferent. Ha! Clearly a lack of taste.. He then got me to mash & whiz up my own daiquiri and then we were shown to our table, ready to feast away!

TGI Fridays Buchanan Street Glasgow

After presenting us with a list of our ~mysterious~ burger dates, we had to make the tough choice of what to go for!? Anything "French" is good by me, so I settled on Contestant #5 - the French Dip Burger (at least, this is what it turned out to be when we found out later on!). It sounded like a romantic date.. Ooh la la!

When it arrived, it consisted of: caramelised onions, melted Swiss cheese and garlic mayo. It was also served with a mini gravy bowl filled with beef gravy to pour over or dip your burger in.

TGI Fridays Buchanan Street Glasgow

Oh. My. God. This was a burger of the highest order! I don't think any of us expected TGIs to produce burgers of such amazing quality (seeing as we were already seasoned regulars at all the local cult burger haunts in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Told ya, #burgerlovinbabes..!). But, they were perfect! I'm still dreaming about that bad boy.. *drool*

TGI Fridays Buchanan Street Glasgow

We were also kindly treated to another cocktail with our meal, and we all opted for the most beachy cocktails ever (summer summer summerrrr-tiiime!). Lynne & Kirsty were presented with massive goblets of Bubblegum Daiquiris.. jee-whizz. I stuck with my Popping Candy Margarita & was loving the popping sensations like an absolute child.

Throughout the night, the photographer took photos of our "burger faces" (basically, our look of sheer delight as we first bite into our burgers!) and, er, presented them to us in photo frames at the end of the night.. OH YES. I have a picture of myself eating a burger. Wonderful. I bet that'll go down well with the male species. Practically a mating call, right? If you'd like to be featured on TGI Fridays' Facebook & Twitter streams with your own burger face, just tag them & use the hashtag #burgerface - and prepare for your 5 mins of food fame.

Fancy checking out the new TGI Fridays menu? Head along to your local branch & get romancin' your newest crush, now! It's also available to peruse & get your stomach rumbling online


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