5 Ways to Update Your Home for Summer

1 June 2014

5 Ways to Update Your Home for Summer
From Clockwise Top Left: Peonies | H&M Jacquard Weave Blanket, £24.99 | H&M Porcelain Vase, £9.99 | Tesco Chevron Print Duvet, £12 | The White Company Diffuser in 'Seychelles', £25 | Dunelm Mill White Dotty Voile Panel, from £8.99

It's the 1st of June! I'm sure that counts as properly summer now, right..? I dunno about you, but I'm suddenly a massive home interiors obsessive lately.. maybe I should blame my over-indulgence in Pinterest (see my ridiculously intense Home Comforts board here!), but woah. I really fancied writing a post on how to update your home for summer, as I'm getting fully excited to buy some new bits & bobs and switch up my routine around the place.

1. Bright Accents

Accents of bright colour scattered around a room scream summer to me, and no colour more-so than mint. It's pretty easy to do this with a few cushions switched around on a sofa or a lightweight throw draped across. You can also work around the base colour by adding in complementary prints and colours (mint goes beautifully with pink!)

2. Buy Yourself Blooms!

A vase full of spring flowers is a beautiful way to update your home for the summer months & I make sure I always treat myself to some tulips or peony roses each week and fill up a pretty bottle or two in my bedroom and on my desk. It really makes me smile whenever I see them & is the perfect anecdote to less-than-stellar weather patterns outside.. Besides, you may aswell make the most of the summer whilst the flowers are at their peak! Pretty..

3. Refresh Your Bed Linen

One of my favourite things is to buy myself some new bed sheets when the summer months roll around (or the winter months too..! Er, kinda any excuse basically). In this case, I really love pastel colours and florals, so I'll definitely be purchasing the duvet cover above with its simple geometric stripes. It'll go well with my fluffy cream cushions for a cosy fresh room in the summer evenings.

4. Update Your Scents

A lot of us love to burn candles while we work, relax or have friends over. However, why not switch up from the heavy winter scents to something more refreshing like orange blossom, vanilla or coconut? Whether it's a room spritz, candles or diffusers, when you walk into your house you'll be transported to a much sunnier mind-set, I promise!

5. Let The Light In

One easy way of freshening up your home for summer is simply to open your windows more often & let the fresh air in! I love nothing more than the scent of freshly-cut grass below my window (some people hate this though, ha!) or BBQs across from me. To maximise this mood-boost of fresh air & sun-light, why not add some light-weight voile panels to your windows & put the heavy winter curtains to bed for a bit. If in doubt, an eye mask at night will cure any 5am sun-rise wake-ups... ;)

How are you updating your home for summer? Let me know in the comment below!


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