All American Feasting at The Filling Station, Edinburgh

30 June 2014

10oz Sirloin Steak & Fries
During the past month, I've been invited to a couple of events held at the Filling Station in Edinburgh for their new campaign, celebrating #FSmoments. First off, we headed to a cocktail masterclass with award-winning cocktail mixologist Andy Pearson (founder of Intoxicology) at the Omni Centre branch. The evening was fab with lots of cocktail demonstrations and hands-on practice by us Scottish bloggers. My favourite cocktail of the night was definitely the 'Edinburgh Handbag' that Andy concocted for us, ha! I can barely remember what it contained, however.. whoops.

But, the second event was a real show-stopper, with a bustling full Royal Mile restaurant being treated to prosecco, cocktails and a three course dinner; all accompanied by live music, in true American style. Let's have a look at the evidence, shall we..?

We were first treated to a plate of appetisers to share between me, Iona, Roisin & Gillian. It consisted of spicy calamari, Chicago BBQ chicken wings, Boston prawns, blue cheese chicken tenders, slow baked ribs, sea salt pretzels & chorizo pieces. OH MY WORD. My mouth was having a party, I'm telling ya. The accompanying garlic, Cajun mayo and BBQ dips were also out of this world.

Sea Salt Pretzels with Garlic dip (so good)
We also had a cocktail each, and I chose the Zoom!, which essentially tasted like a rocket ice lolly; with Eristoff vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice and Midori. It was fruity and yum, so I was pleased with that.

Out came the mains, and - of course- three of us opted for the 10oz sirloin steaks. Gillian stuck by her #burgerlovinbabes guns and opted for the Lux burger (with rocket, Emmental cheese, garlic mayo, bacon, red onion, sunblushed tomatoes and dill pickle.) She said it was a goodie, so I think all of us were in food heaven that night. The steaks were perfectly cooked to order, with Iona getting her rare steak & me being amazed at the perfectly done medium-rare steak I got. The seasoning was perfect too and it was melt-in-your-mouth, with no toughness at all. Top marks to the Filling Station as a steak isn't the easiest thing to master, particularly on this heaviiiiing opening launch night on the Royal Mile.

Vanilla Cheesecake with Red Berry Coulis
Mint Oreo Sundae
After a little bit of a breather (and a slightly long wait for our desserts but, given the nature of the night, I was fairly okay with that), we tucked into our desserts. At least, those of us who could stomach a dessert after a massive main course! I had to have a go with the vanilla cheesecake though, as I loooove them. This one was suitably creamy & yum. I only managed a few forkfuls, but it got the thumbs-up. Roisin took on this Mint Oreo Sundae beast, woaaaahhh.

All in all, a nice little night! I would maybe call for less in the way of loud music while I eat though, as that's a personal no-no for me. It would be a little more appropriate for a pre-night out fuelling though. I definitely walked home with a full belly, feeling a little stuffed. Maybe I should probably avoid eating everything ever when I go to these foodie events.. oops.

The Filling Station has re-opened its Royal Mile branch at 235-241 High Street, Edinburgh. It's looking pretty swish! Head on over and show off your #FSMoments! They also have branches in Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen & Inverness.

PS - The Filling Station are working with CHAS (Children's Hospice Association Scotland) this year as their charity of choice, and are donating a penny from every pint sale until the end of 2014! Laaaavely.


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  1. Even though I just had lunch, I'm hungry all over again ;) this all looks lovely! Also I've had a look back at a few of your other posts - congratulations on getting a 2:1, that's fantastic! I love your blog and have subscribed :) xx


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