DegustaBox: The Foodie's Favourite

10 June 2014

Uhhhhh.. so, that happened! DegustaBox is the newish take on the monthly subscription box trend, but with FOOD. Yep. Think GlossyBox, but for foodies instead of beauty lovers. And, given that my room is already over-stuffed with beauty products, I can always use a little treat for the kitchen these days.. does that mean I'm getting old, guys? Oh well, I love it anyway..! ;)

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Comes with product details and recipe ideas overleaf
A run-down of the products included in the May 2014 Degustabox I received:

Kettle Sweet Potato Chips

Oh my WORD! These were one of my top favourites, and I chowed down on them within 24 hours of receiving my box. The new take on Kettle Chips in a sweet potato formula feels so much more innocent than traditional potato chips yet a tasty treat. Apparently they have 50% less fat too! They're currently available in Lightly Salted and Sweet Chilli flavours. However, after a quick Google, it seems I'm not sure how much of a permanent product this will be, due to a labelling error.. eek.

Hornsby's Cider

I received two bottles of Hornsby's American Cider in both Apple and Strawberry & Lime flavour. My friend tried out the Apple flavour, and I gave the Strawberry & Lime a whirl (mainly to compare it to my much-loved Rekorderlig). Both were lovely, and made a nice change from the usual cider offerings I order when I'm out. You can pick them up for a fiver for 4 bottles, which is a great deal! Obviously, 18+ and all that, ladies & gents..

Lizi's On-the-Go Granola

Wahhh, Lizi's Granola is such a handy little product. Basically, it's an on-the-go granola pack with a spoon attached. Just add 3 spoonfuls of water to the granola in a bowl and the lactose-free milk contained within it activates. Simple wee breakfast! I'd be keen to keep some packs of these in the office when I start work if I'm having a busy morning. This pack is in Treacle Pecan flavour (sweet & yummy; not at all dry, as I can't stand dry food) but there's lots of other flavours going.

Dr Oetker's Cake Release Spray

The Dr Oetker Cake Release Spray is one of those magic products you would never have thought of, but when you see it you're like 'I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE', or at least, that's what I imagine all you baking lovers will be thinking. Essentially, it's an easier way of greasing & lining your tins without the faff of using butter. Just a simple spray around the sides and you're good to go. I've not yet had a chance to try it out, but it went straight into my baking cupboard for future use! £2.28 each.

RAW Energy Chewing Gum

This one was a little bit of a 'meh' for me, but now I actually think I'll take it in my hand luggage for going to Ibiza this week, as our flights are at crazy times of the night. You might wonder how that relates.. well, this chewing gum is an energy-boosting quick fix, rich in vitamin B. The RAW Energy Chewing Gum packs are only 99p (!) and are sugar-free. Thumbs up.

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Flutes

AHH, these are a great snack. I received the Cocoa Crunch Flutes by Elizabeth Shaw, and they're basically like long chocolate sticks covered in dark chocolate with crunchy cocoa bits in them. A luxury treat, but only £2.59. I always feel better eating good quality dark chocolate as opposed to milk chocolate which doesn't satisfy my tooth and feels more sinful. Just me..?

Cirio La Classica

Er.. "Laura, what in the name is that?" So, Cirio La Classica came in two forms within my Degustabox. First, a jar of passata (tomato puree to us mere mortals) and then a tube of puree. Authentically Italian in origin, the Cirio passata will be excellent for adding to a beefy dish I think! I've already lined up some diced beef to get cracking with. A true cupboard staple! From £1.10 for the tube.

Taylors of Harrogate Tea

Mmmm! Yum. I am a true fruity/herbal tea fiend, and this little box was an interesting find for me. I haven't tried Taylors of Harrogate tea, so was keen to see what the Blackberry & Elderflower tea would taste like. It's suitably sweet & a little bit sour, but nothing a teaspoon of sugar to even it out wouldn't fix. A nice little mid-afternoon change to my usual green tea choice. Only £2.99 for a pack of 20 teabags. Comes in some awesome flavours like Sweet Rhubarb and Raspberry & Vanilla too!

Cawston Apple Juice

I blimmin' love apple juice. Fact! At 14, I had to ween myself off it, and still have the acid eroded front teeth as evidence of over-indulgence in all things apple. Don't make the same mistakes as me, kids.. but definitely still try the Cawston Apple Juice cause it's AMAZING. No preservatives, additives or artificial sweeteners - just sparkly apple juice goodness. £1 per can.

Garofalo Pasta

Another authentic Italian import in pasta form - the Garofalo Pasta has been made outside Naples, Italy since 1789, and cooks like a dream. Perfectly al dente and easy. I've been cooking it for dinner quite regularly and it cooks so quickly! A great little treat if you're a pasta fan. £1.89 per pack.

What do you think of the monthly DegustaBox food box? At a competitive £12.99 per month including delivery for around 10-15 products in each box, it's a good way of testing out new food products at a cheaper price. I think I'm hooked... Check out their website for further details!

I have a special £3 off discount code for my readers to use: 169ZH - just pop it into the discount box during check out to get your cheeky £3 off!

PS - Kinda gutted I've missed out on previous months with their Chai Lattes and Tyrrell's Sweet & Salty Popcorn... mmmm.


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