I Got A 2:1!

11 June 2014

Gratuitous cheesy thumbs-up shot!
Hey! Just a little break from scheduling to say... I GOT A 2:1! *clicks heels* After 4 years at Uni in Edinburgh, I now have a BA (Hons) Degree in Festival, Events & Marketing Management. On that note: EMPLOY ME, LOVELY MARKETING/PR PEOPLE! I'll hope to be staying on in Edinburgh and moving in with a fellow blogger who you might well know as Gillian from Elevatormusik (yeah. Clearly we love eachother that much... ha!)

This summer will hopefully be filled with full-time employment (!), picnics in the park and road trips with my friends, as well as probably lots of spontaneous adventures! But, for this week, I am getting ready to go to Ibiza with my long-time best friend Emma to celebrate me graduating Uni. It will be my first time on a girlie trip abroad, as well as my first time on the island, so I am extremely excited and definitely have about 30422 notes on Evernote ready to bust out when I arrive! Organisational geek.. yeah, the Event degree has come in handy for that! Stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter for snippets of my trip :)

Again, thanks for reading guys! It's been the best year ever in terms of The Likely Lady. So many amazing events I've been very lucky to attend & meeting some of my best friends through blogging. It's all astounding, and I'm pleased I've gotten my dream 2:1 which I aimed for since day 1.

Love you all!



  1. Well done Missy, thats great news!

  2. Woooop! Congratulations sweetie! Good luck with the job hunt and have fun on your holiday xx


  3. Congratulations well done Lucy


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