WIWT: Tropical Florals, Bunting & Pink Lips

27 July 2014


I'm here with a WIWT outfit post :) It's been a whiiiiile, and this first one in ages has been photographed by my new flatmate Gillian. So, er, if you're a regular Elevatormusik reader, you may just recognise the backdrop. However, we've cobbled together some of my own props to make it look a bit different, ha! This past weekend, I've been out and about in Edinburgh, soaking up the sunshine with ice cream from Mary's Milk Bar and a wander around the Grassmarket; an Indoor Picnic hosted by Google at the Signet Library and a Gin Masterclass at 56 North. We also cooked up a storm last night and made Chicken & Mango Salad with Raita (from the Three Sisters Bake book), Sweet Potato Maple Syrup Wedges & Watermelon Vodka Slushy cocktails (picture here). It's been quite the weekend.. now just kicking back with a pear Kopparberg whilst me & Gillian write up our blog posts. Is it just me or is it SUPER HOT?! Dying..

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: The Review

22 July 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory

Hey guyyyys!

I'm back with a beauty product review. Makes a change, eh? Today I'm talking about my new favourite daily base - the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream in Ivory. It's a much lighter choice for the summer months (when my face is practically melting most days..). Anyway, here we go!

Millenium Hotels/Dreghorn Photography Workshop

19 July 2014

Hahaha, notice: me in the neon pink coat.. blinding! Group photo by Millenium Hotels/Joe Blogs
Hey guys!

After a week of working my first ever graduate role (as a marketing assistant in the public sector, if you're wondering!), I'm making the most of my proper weekend for once. Today, me, Gillian, Lynne & Jade popped into town to take part in Lynsey's Masters dissertation focus group. It was a nice little morning and ended up with me and Gillian cooing over everything in Oliver Bonas afterwards, which is how I usually end the majority of my shopping trips, let's be fair.. I bought a cute little black bardot dress from Miss Selfridge too which I cannot wait to whip out on a night out!

So! On with the post.. last weekend, in amidst moving flats, I was invited to the Millenium Hotel Glasgow's photography workshop run by Stuart Dreghorn. Throughout the day we learned how to get back to the basics of photography and actually get creative with our tech again. It was all organised as part of the #toastofthetown campaign, which celebrates Glasgow as the host of the Commonwealth Games. Let's see how the day went.. and check out some of my questionable "photographs" from the day, ha!

Jo Malone x Redhall Walled Garden

10 July 2014

When invited to an event hosted by Jo Malone in Edinburgh, it would be rude to say no! Fortunately, I was available for mid-afternoon tea & cake to celebrate the opening of the Redhall Walled Garden's Herb Garden - as sponsored by Jo Malone.

Here's what went on on my afternoon jaunt on a summer's day in Edinburgh, in a tranquil garden not far from the centre..

My Week In Ibiza: Holiday Vlog

8 July 2014

Get set to watch my very first vlog on The Likely Lady.. beware, I'm a bit rusty after a while away from this kinda thing!

My first vlog features my week in Ibiza, between 14th-21st June 2014, alongside my bestie Emma!

A Note: Life As I Know It Now

6 July 2014

Via Pinterest
Hello lovely folks!

I'm back again with a personal post.. I've decided to make use of my blog a little more in that manner as it always ends up being cathartic and holding resonance with a few of you. So, here we go!

WIWT: Ibizan Sunsets & Cocktails at Café Del Mar

2 July 2014


I'm back properly from my holiday to Ibiza. Specifically, San Antonio. Yeah.. we went straight to the middle of the chaos. And I wouldn't change a thing. I'll do a follow-up post with what we got up to but right now, here are my WIWT outfits from each day of the holiday!

A Note: The Blogger Blues

1 July 2014

Hello all!

A little switch-up from the usual posting on The Likely Lady today. I haven't really planned this post out, but I just feel a lot of thoughts & words spilling out.. and that's usually the best time to write it all down (and try and make it sound coherent!)

It's now July, and we're more than mid-way through 2014. I'm about to graduate University, and I'm going through a lot of changes in my mindset and my environment. It's the time to find a job, maybe find a nice boy & hopefully do some travelling in between. I feel like a very different person to the person who started writing this blog in 2009, cooped up in my teenage bedroom with grandiose plans, endless notebooks and Moleskine diaries filled with rants and dreams. I also feel that blogging is an entirely different ball-game to back in 2009, and I think this might be a big part of why I'm feeling a little lacklustre for this hobby of mine.

Don't get me wrong, I love the things that have come to me as a result of my little space on the Internet. It's brought me career opportunities, contacts and new friends, as well as wonderful unique experiences that I would never have been provided without it. However, I have lost a lot of the same passion that I once had. When I publish a post, I often feel that it's become a task and a burden. I no longer - or very rarely - look at a piece I've written and feel proud and satisfied in it. I feel like my entire direction has disappeared, and I'm simply writing up posts that I am required to, as soon as I can face doing it.

This isn't the way it should be, really. And I think something needs to change. I have vague fantasies of regular WIWT posts and more personal posts, where my words are allowed to run free, but I just need to get the ball rolling. I look at my fellow bloggers (mostly friends) and feel a touch of sadness that I haven't got the same motivation as them to write up and edit fantastic posts. It does make me feel like a fraud sometimes.

I wish blogging could be like it once was for me, and I could just publish whatever I wanted at any time, but in order to use the blog in a professional capacity, it's not always possible. I often feel like a volcano, ready to erupt with things I want to write about. But, they're usually restricted to the odd frustrated tweet instead.

I hope those of you who've bothered to read this can understand where I'm coming from. I'm simply going to focus on getting a job and gaining new experiences, and hopefully the blogging will come back naturally in due course. Let me know if you'd like more personal posts from me, such as that from my anxiety and heartache struggle. I'd like to write them, but I'm worried this isn't what anyone wants to read nowadays, what with beauty reviews and lookbooks taking precedence..