Jo Malone x Redhall Walled Garden

10 July 2014

When invited to an event hosted by Jo Malone in Edinburgh, it would be rude to say no! Fortunately, I was available for mid-afternoon tea & cake to celebrate the opening of the Redhall Walled Garden's Herb Garden - as sponsored by Jo Malone.

Here's what went on on my afternoon jaunt on a summer's day in Edinburgh, in a tranquil garden not far from the centre..

We were treated to welcome elderflower mocktails & sparkling San Pellegrino, complete with cute striped pastel paper straws. I was in love already! Everywhere you turned there were Jo Malone candles hidden away in little nooks & crannies spread throughout the garden.. even as we walked down the hill to the entrance. It was like a little garden fairy-tale away from the hustle & bustle of Edinburgh City Centre!

On spotting the cakes & dainty wee sandwiches, me & Gillian were in there like a shot. Funny that..! We fuelled up on mini cucumber sandwiches, mini raspberry tarts, blueberry & lemon curd tarts and "mini" victoria sponges (which were really the size of my hand). There were also lots of cakes like courgette cake (!?), which I didn't get to try, but the Jo Malone PR ladies were all over it. Basically, it was a Pinterest dream, right there. The catering was provided by Three Sisters Bake, who are located on the outskirts of Glasgow, and who I urge you to check out if you're in the market for a good piece of cake & a cuppa tea on a summer's day out! Or simply some catering for a special event. They were super lovely & we got given little vouchers for a coffee in their café, so I'll definitely be encouraging my pals to get down there when we do some summer day trips!

After speeches made by Jo Malone, Redhall & the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), we then whipped out our umbrellas (an impromptu shower in Scotland is always a given) and were escorted to the opening of the garden, which had its ribbons cut by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh. We finally got to see the Herb Garden in all its glory, after months of dedicated planning and nurturing by Redhall staff, local volunteers, Jo Malone volunteers & placed mental health sufferers. The Redhall Garden's drive - as a whole - is to work alongside SAMH to provide these sufferers of mental illness with a purpose, training in horticulture, conservation, maintenance skills, ITC/admin and life skills. It's absolutely amazing to think something so simple has changed the lives of hundreds of people, and it just goes to show the benefits of being around nature and working to create something amazing of your own. The users are even encouraged to bring grown produce home, which is great for those on low-incomes who treasure the fresh fruit & veg which is normally out-of-reach at supermarket prices. I almost wanted to tear up when I heard the stories throughout the day, and it made me retrospectively cherish growing up around nature and open greenery in the countryside. It really did make my childhood fantastic.

The Roundhouse, which was also sponsored by Jo Malone
After a leisurely guided walk around the garden, we were treated to arm massages & scent layering by Jo Malone staff. For my massage, the lady massaged in a Jo Malone body cream (can't remember which, sadly! You can see the full range here anyway). She then applied Blackberry & Bay and Earl Grey & Cucumber cologne on one arm, and Grapefruit cologne on the other arm. You can find out more about bespoke scent layering here. Me and Lori were in our element, and basically just spent the rest of the afternoon sniffing our arms and comparing scents haha!

Can I please have that scent cupboard (plus all of the colognes?!) - dreamy!

Lori getting her arm massage & scent layering
If you'd like to find out more about the Redhall Walled Garden and its project with SAMH, feel free to check out the information provided here.

Jo Malone are currently working to support urban community charity garden projects both across the UK and the world, and Redhall is just the tip of the iceberg.
In their words: "Flowers, herbs and the gardens they grow in are a constant source of inspiration for us and are at the heart of our charity work. We support marginalised communities to build and maintain beautiful, scented gardens.
Sales of the Silk Blossom Limited Edition Home Candle will help to support charities across the UK as they harness the power of gardens to improve the lives of those living in vulnerable situations."
The Redhall Walled Garden is open to the public 9am-3:30pm Mon-Fri, just off the A70, Edinburgh.
Entry is by donation.

Redhall Walled Garden,
97 Lanark Road,
EH14 2LZ,
United Kingdom



  1. Looks like a gorgeous and very special day!

  2. I need to get the Earl Grey and Cucumber scent when payday comes, it is so gorgeous. It was a lovely day! x


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