Millenium Hotels/Dreghorn Photography Workshop

19 July 2014

Hahaha, notice: me in the neon pink coat.. blinding! Group photo by Millenium Hotels/Joe Blogs
Hey guys!

After a week of working my first ever graduate role (as a marketing assistant in the public sector, if you're wondering!), I'm making the most of my proper weekend for once. Today, me, Gillian, Lynne & Jade popped into town to take part in Lynsey's Masters dissertation focus group. It was a nice little morning and ended up with me and Gillian cooing over everything in Oliver Bonas afterwards, which is how I usually end the majority of my shopping trips, let's be fair.. I bought a cute little black bardot dress from Miss Selfridge too which I cannot wait to whip out on a night out!

So! On with the post.. last weekend, in amidst moving flats, I was invited to the Millenium Hotel Glasgow's photography workshop run by Stuart Dreghorn. Throughout the day we learned how to get back to the basics of photography and actually get creative with our tech again. It was all organised as part of the #toastofthetown campaign, which celebrates Glasgow as the host of the Commonwealth Games. Let's see how the day went.. and check out some of my questionable "photographs" from the day, ha!

All us top blogger geeks focusing intently!
Practicing with our camera functions.. and looking a bit mental in the process
At the start of the day, we were split to different sides of the table, based on our camera model, so as to personalise the tutoring to our various camera capabilities and functions. I was Team Nikon (woooo!). Stuart, the workshop leader, brought us back to some of the core photography basics: aperture & shutter speed. Years ago, I actually studied photography and considered it as a career route (not that you'd be able to tell nowadays! I used to be quite good :( gutted!), so it was great to get back to fiddling around with my camera. My ultimate goal was always to shoot slow shutter speed night photography, and I still really wanna try it out one day! Anyway, this part of the workshop edged me a little closer to achieving that goal.. yay! Also: Jade discovered she has a CAT FUNCTION (?) to capture cat faces. Hahahahaaa.

Jade looking like a beaut as my model!

Caught unawares, muahaha!

After some basic camera coverage, we got to work practising our new-found (or re-discovered) skills. We paired up and posed against some Millenium Hotel backdrops. Me & Jade chose these ruby red curtains as an interesting texture to the shots.

After some lunch prepared by the hotel chef (with yummy things like Venison Hot Dogs and Haggis & Beef Burgers, plus Strawberry Shortcake for dessert), we then headed out to shoot ~on location~ in Glasgow City Centre. Our three main locations were George Square, Buchanan Street and the Cone Head Statue (sozzzz.. I mean, the Wellington Statue for non-Scots..). Here are a selection of street shots I took:

Hahaha, best moment! Poor Jade became a reluctant model once more..

After our little afternoon out, we headed back for freshly baked scones & cups of tea, and discussed all the thingsssss - blogging, photography and otherwise! It was such a nice day and I'm so glad Millenium Hotels invited us to do it, as it really brought back that passion I once had for photography. Now I'm a graduate, I'm looking for hobbies to fill my time with, so photography is back in my life as one of my first loves! Now... to get all those old Diana pictures developed and dust it off....

With thanks to Millenium Hotels, Stuart Dreghorn Photography & Joe Blogs Blogger Network.
Stuart runs photography classes from beginner-advanced level in the Glasgow region, for both one-on-ones and groups. I recommend him as he's great fun and makes photography seem a lot more accessible to newbies & non-DSLR users. See the full course list on his site here.

Have you got the photography bug or have you let it slip by the wayside recently with the onslaught of iPhones & filters doing it all for you..? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Lovely post Laura. Good to see amazing pictures too!

  2. The photos look great, I love that one of the pigeon, haha! Wish I'd been free to come to this, really need to improve my skillllz, I feel like I'm totally not making the most of what my camera can do. Since you guys are pros now you'll need to teach me on our next meet up, haha. Lynne x


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