Behind The Work Space: Desk Inspiration

21 August 2014

Hey you loveeeely lot.

I decided, seeing as I spend the majority of my time pinning to my Work Hard (Play Hard) pin board on Pinterest, I maaaay as well turn it into a well-deserved blog post. So, here you have it. A whole blog post dedicated to the biggest #1 love of my life: desk inspiration. I'm actually going to split into two posts, with the second focusing on a stationary wish list of dreams.

I couldn't be more excited right now. I'm practically hyperventilating, so let's get crackin' and hop right in with my favourite desk inspiration photos..

Look at thiiiis. Just look at it, and cry at the beauty.

Dear God, I need to do this. Pass me the pastel washi tape, pals..
A GOLD STAPLER. That is all.
At long last, a way of using the ridiculous amount of fairy lights I have stashed away..

This is the cutest desk organiser ever.. and THE STATIONARY..
Boxes, oh boxes..
Serious points to this owner.. also, the fact they have a Mean Girls Burn Book hidden away in there.

Candles & glittery tape. All a girl needs. And, apparently, a golden wish-bone in a glass container. Yes.
I NEED to go buy some glass for my desk and store all my favourite pictures (or just sequins & glitter?) underneath
... Did I mention sequins?
Holy mother of God. The polka dot cushion, fluffy throw, light-up Ampersand, flowers & pictures. ALL OF IT.
This is tremendous. Take me to a stationary supply store IMMEDIATELY.

So, um.. I think you might just now know the way to my heart, people. If anyone is reading this who loves me dearly: CHRISTMAS IS COMING.

Are you as much of a desk inspiration lover as me..? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, and link me to your desk pictures so I can squeeeee a lot!

All pictures sourced via Pinterest.



  1. Books arranged by colour is my favourite. My desk has my sewing machine on top of it so it never looks tidy!

  2. I can't handle what you just did.

  3. Love this! Next year I'm hopefully buying a house with my boyfriend. He wants a study for a desk which he plans to set up with his XBox but now I've seen this I REALLY want to make it my blogging room and make the desk cute :) Showing him this post when I get home tonight :p

    Chloe x

  4. Oh my god I do love a bit of office inspo. As of yet I still do not have an office to decorate with lots of pretty things but the day I do I will be very well prepared x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels


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