Foodies Festival, Edinburgh: A Run-Down

20 August 2014

Hey everyone!

As I mentioned before in my earlier post, I was lucky enough to receive complimentary tickets to Foodies Festival at Edinburgh's Inverleith Park (Aug 8-10th), as part of my role as an Official Foodies Blogger this year.

Here's a little run-down of my day, where I went along with my pals Lynne, Gillian, Kirsty, Jade, Joy & Adam. Expect lots of mouth-watering foodie stalls & cocktails..

After a sliiiightly mad lost rush trying to actually locate Inverleith Park after getting off at the wrong bus stop (d'oh!), me and Gillian turned up to meet the other guys and get lots of food in our belly!

After a little wander to gather our bearings first, we first stopped off at Buffalo Farm (Puddledub), where I had a bacon roll (sounds boring but it was so good!). I recommend trying them out if you ever spot them at a food festival near you. Their burgers seemed to go down a treat with other people too.

Yum yum yum. I have a bit of a love for Spanish meats - perhaps increased after so much tapas in Ibiza in June - so I was coo'ing over this Shaw Meats stall. I didn't purchase anything, however, as I was saving myself for a trip to the Edinburgh Farmer's Market to pick up some meaty goodness.. I think I'm genuinely starting to love visiting the market on a Saturday morning. Definitely must be getting middle-aged in my twenties.

Who doesn't love Italian produce? This stall by Amazing Eataly Ltd really caught my eye. If I could have a pantry (oooh, fancy!) filled with all this food, I might just become a good cook.. maybe.

Pinkster Gin
Whilst on a wee wander around admiring the exhibitors, I gave in to a French Hot Dog from one of the French food stalls. It was in a proper french baguette with lots of mustard and onions on top. Delish.

These brownies from The Brownie Bar were absolutely incredible.. With flavours ranging from Nutella, Peanut Butter, Millionaire's Shortcake and Salted Caramel, it was a tough one to decide on. However, I chose the Salted Caramel and did not regret my choice whatsoever. They also had little ready-made Brownie baking mixture jars to give to friends as gifts, which I thought was a really cute idea.

More sweet treats to be demolished.. we spotted rows and rows of macarons and basically head-dived into the stall. I think it's probably the colours which get me every time - I'm basically a magpie for pretty things. I picked up a Raspberry macaron and kept it for a wee treat the next day. I can't seem to find the exhibitor name for this stall, sadly..

After our wander and lots of feasting, we all headed to Riot Bar for a few drinks. Riot Bar is a new pop-up Ibizan style cocktail lounge bar, all the way from London, with bean bags and cosy seats scattered around. DJs played all day, with the official party starting at 5pm (I was back at home by then though, but I imagine it was great!). I really enjoyed this bar, so I hope it pops up somewhere nearby again soon. I also had the nicest Strawberry & Elderflower cider there.. yum!

Overall, I loved my wee day out at Foodies and I'll definitely head back next year for a chilled-out summer afternoon taking in the sights and saving myself for all the food ever.

Thank you to Foodies Festival for allowing me to attend the event free of charge. However, all opinions are my own. The final event in the Foodies 2014 calendar hits Oxford South Parks this weekend (23rd-25th August).

Did you attend the event? Or, will you be heading over next year for some Foodies action..?



  1. The brownies look so yummy. Sounds like a great day out.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

  2. I really want to to to a food festival!! How yummy do those macaroons look!! :). Great photography! X


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