Godiva Boutique, Edinburgh: Blogger Party

25 August 2014

Godiva Boutique Edinburgh
Hi all!

The other week I was invited to Godiva Boutique's first ever blogger party, where we were promised to check out the finest independent brands on offer at the boutique, some creative crafty projects to get our teeth into, local food retailers (Hula Juice Bar, Lovecrumbs and Mary's Milk Bar) offering up the nibbles, demonstrations from Runaway Fox and little competitions and goodies throughout.

So.. how could I possibly say no?!

Here's what I got up to with my fellow blogging chums on the evening..

As we made our way inside, we were treated to some welcome Pimm's, as well as sweeties and Lovecrumbs' deliiicious hazelnut chocolate brownies. They were so gooey and amazing. We were all constantly nibbling away on one at every opportunity.

The array of independent clothing, vintage one-off finds and quirky jewellery available at Godiva Boutique is amazing. I'd only just popped in for the first time a couple of weeks before and already wanted ALL OF THE THINGS, basically.. I've got my eye on a little world map fan brooch for next time I'm in there.

A little toddler's dress with french patisserie print! Someone please have a daughter so I can buy her this..!
Amongst all the clothing, there were also Rose & Cardamon and Salted Caramel cakes for us to stuff our faces with. Godiva and Lovecrumbs kindly provided us with little boxes to take home some extra cake for ourselves. Such a treat! I made sure to stash away a slice of Salted Caramel for when I got home to watch Breaking Bad.. the best. I've been meaning to go into Lovecrumbs for SO long, but after 3 failed attempts (always a queue out the door, guys!), it was nice to actually sample the cake without queuing for a table.

Jade in her element with wonderful cakes!

After eating ALL the cake, I popped through to the back room to try my hand at crafting up a DIY camera strap from a vintage silk scarf and little jewellery trinkets, as led by one of Godiva's own ladies. My friend and fellow blogger Paula is the crafting queen (check out her Depop to pick up one of the colourful fluffy handbags she makes!), so she put us all to shame with her crafting excitement at this point haha!

Paula with her cute little bag! A work in progress at this point :)
My finished camera strap!

After we finished off our DIY lesson from the Godiva team, we were led through to a demonstration by Runaway Fox on their life casting jewellery techniques. 

Here's a quick explanation of life casting, as detailed on their website:
"What is Lifecasting? Lifecasting, or bodycasting, is the art of making a copy of a person's body. Lifecasting isn't just limited to people though, you can reproduce almost any object in stunning detail. It's a bit like photography, but instead of producing a flat photograph, you make a three dimensional object instead."
It was amazing to watch, and 4 of the girls walked away with their own fingers life casted into a necklace. Haha, sounds so creepy but it was pretty cool!

Joy and Juliet getting their fingers moulded into a cast for their necklaces!
You can find out more and book your own life casting experience in Edinburgh via their site here. It makes a truly unique gift!

Spoooooky! Also, how amazing are Poppy's sequin shorts..? NEED.
Finally, at the end of an amazing evening at Godiva, we were entered into contests for using the #godivaedinburgh hashtag during the evening and a lucky draw. I was fortunate enough to win a £30 Godiva Boutique gift voucher as part of my social media enthusiasm that night (haha!), so I'm excited to head back soon for that brooch, amongst other goodies!

We also all got given lovely goodies bags, and mine featured this Runaway Fox necklace, which is available to buy here!

Love my new Roebuck Skull necklace!
All in all, a fab fab faaaaaab evening was had at Godiva by all. I really enjoyed it and Fleur Mackintosh, the founder, is such a brilliant lady. 11 years after opening, Godiva is now a firm fixture in Edinburgh's boutique scene, and I can't see that changing any time soon!

Godiva hosts brands from Karen Mabon, Queenie Browne, Goldie, Naromode, Pretty Vacant & Rowanjoy, amongst others! Go online or in-store for a wee browse. They also create made-to-measure dresses from scratch - the pros that they are!

9 West Port
Tel: 0131 221 9212
Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10.30am - 6.30pm, Sunday 11:30am - 5:30pm

What do you think of Godiva? Will you be stocking up on vintage scarves & coats this autumn..?


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