Leighton Denny Colour & Go Nail Paint Duos: The Review

27 August 2014

Hi guys!

I was kindly invited* to try out a few of the new Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour & Go Nail Paint Duo manicure pens. I picked out the shades Monochrome (ft. Maneater & Surf); Embellish Rose (ft. Embellish Me & Diamond Rose); and Fashionista (ft. She's in Fashion & Cascade). Having met and interviewed Leighton before when I worked in marketing for a beauty company, it was interesting to try out some new products from his Expert Nails collection. So, here's my wee review of the pens..

The Claim

Leighton Denny Expert Nails claim that the Embellish Rose pen contains:
"Your favourite Colour Cocktail shades in one convenient Colour & Go Manicure Pen!
Use Embellish Me to give you a deep, glamorous purple or Diamond Rose to give your nails a soft rose shade with a subtle sparkle. Layer the two shades together to create a soft shimmering luxurious purple that dazzles and delights."
This claim is similar for every shade, whereby the two accompanying shades are designed to be worn together in a "colour cocktailing" effect, but can also be worn separately. In fact, every shade in the Colour Cocktailing range can be worn in a mix & match way to create your own unique effect. These pens are also in a handy portable double-ended manicure pen container, which seems pretty good.

The Reality

After applying the base shade, I waited 1 minute for it to dry a little before I applied the top shade to the nail.

With She's in Fashion as a base shade

With Cascade layered on top

The effect is meant to create a sparkling pretty look, which, to be honest, I feel I could have created using shades I already have at home. I think I was expecting a lot more from these pens. The application is clumsy and fiddly; having to work with such a long pen and a lacklustre brush. The polishes were quite watery too, meaning I often had to brush off excess and try and avoid my manicure looking sloppy.

With the Monochrome pen; layering Surf over Maneater.

With the Embellish Rose pen; layering Diamond Rose over Embellish Me.

Would I Repurchase It?

To be honest, these pens don't really live up to the novelty they provide. As much as they'd be easier for transporting, the practical aspects of applying the polish are lacking. The colour shades in the cocktailing range are not entirely up my street either, but I'm sure a little bit of mixing & matching would alleviate this. If you need a portable handbag polish for when you're in a hurry running out of the office for after-work drinks, I'd recommend you stick these in your bag. Plus, £8 for two polishes is pretty good really. But, essentially, I won't be repurchasing these nail pens sadly. There are much better products in the Leighton Denny Expert Nails range, and I do love their standard bottled nail polishes - I Love Juicy being my favourite nail polish!

The Leighton Denny Colour & Go Nail Paint Duos are available for £8 each via Leighton Denny here.

* I was sent these nail pens to review, however all opinions stated are my own. Please read my Disclaimer here.

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  1. I love the colours in the last picture - shame they're not as good as regular nail polish. This seemed like a great idea.

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