Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh

29 August 2014

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh
Haha, I promise I'm not grumpy! Looking normal whilst taking photos in public is not my forté..
As part of the run-up to the British Hairdressing Awards, I was invited by AJC PR to review Neil Barton Hairdressing in Edinburgh and get a cut & blow-dry* from the finalist for Scottish Hairdresser of the Year Neil himself. It's not every day you get your hair seen to by a celebrity hairdresser.. so who was I to say no? Here's my review of the experience..

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh
As you walk into Neil Barton Hairdressing, you're struck by how clean, slick & modern - and super relaxing - the whole salon is. I was welcomed in, offered a cuppa tea and sat down for a little consultation on what I wanted from my cut & style. As I'm quite happy with the way my hair is right now (I'm growing it longer and keeping the ombré locks intact for the forseeable), I didn't request any major changes. However, Neil was right on the ball and pointed out the fact that if I liked to curl my hair (which I told him I do most days), it was best to let my outer layers grow out longer to make it easier to curl. This has been a hair dilemma of mine for a while... to keep the layers and volume or give in to one-length flat-looking hair which is easier to style? But.. no more! After a lovely wash and scalp massage from an assistant, Neil let me in on the technique he likes to use: the internal layering technique. Instead of cutting my hair into bowl-effect short feathered layers on the outside (ugh), as most hairdressers do, Neil twisted my hair up into all sorts of crazy shapes to get to the internal layers hidden underneath; giving them the deserved trim instead of the outside. 

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh
Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh

As you can see, the effect was amazing and I couldn't stop swishing my hair around for the rest of the day! There's nothing like freshly-trimmed hair to feel like a new woman.. I was told to request internal layering in future from my hairdresser, and I actually felt a surge of relief that my dilemma had been solved. No more little ends popping out of the curling tong and making curling a hassle.. Neil also informed me that to get the most from my style, I should avoid blow-drying with a brush whilst the hair is still wet; instead, making the most of the natural texture that can be created with only your hands as your tool, before perfecting it with a brush at the end when the hair is dry.
Neil's Top Hair Styling Trick: Distribute your hair mousse only at the roots and comb it through; this ensures you avoid the crispiness associated with traditional all-over hair mousse application, yet get all the desired volume! My favourite pick: the Bumble & Bumble Bb. Thickening Full Form Mousse.

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh
As for the rest of the experience, I was well looked after at Neil Barton, and Neil let me have a look around in the downstairs salon for some photos - where I met his amazing wee dog! He's honestly the cutest. You should all go visit to get your hair done pretty and then meet a cute dog - the two best things in life, obviously. Neil is also the global ambassador for KMS and knows the brand inside out, so you're in good hands with him if you're after a specific styling routine to optimise your cut post-salon experience.
Neil's Top Hair Product Pick: Neil's favourite product is the KMS Moistrepair Shampoo, which hydrates and repairs your hair in one easy step; often cutting out the need for a conditioner afterwards.
Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh

All in all, I had an amazingly relaxing afternoon at Neil Barton and I'm loving the freedom I have to curl my hair just the way I like it with the internal layering technique now in place. Get yourself booked in for a style with Neil - I hear he's awesome at colouring too!

Neil Barton Hairdressing, Edinburgh

A cut & blow-dry with Neil is £55, whereas prices start at £35 for a cut & blow-dry with a stylist. See the full price-list here.

Neil Barton Hairdressing
28 Elm Row
Tel: 0131 558 8118

See the full list of national & regional finalists for the British Hairdressing Awards here.


* I was invited to review Neil Barton Hairdressing with a complimentary cut & blow-dry, however all views are my own.


  1. I love the haircut Laura! :) Internal layering sounds like the way to go from now on!
    I got my hair cut very recently and have not been able to stop swishing it around either.
    It's strange what some layers and a lot lopped off the bottom can do for making your hair your friend instead of your enemy! Hehe.

    Ellis - Ellis Tuesday


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