A Wishlist: Made From Scotland

14 October 2014

Made From Scotland wishlist
Clockwise from top left: Customisable Embroidered Fabric Mr Stag - £70 | Scalloped Necklace in 'Blush' - £36 | Bone China Blue Birdies Mug - £10.95 | Gold Diamond Star Necklace - £60 | Stag Tea Towel - £9.95 | Spot Merino Blanket in 'Grey & Multicolour' - £77 | Edinburgh Houses Mug in 'Pink' - £10 | Scotland The Brave Mug - £11.50 | Victorian Lemonade Tea Towel in 'Coral' - £9.50
Hey guys :)

As my flatmate and all-round top pal Gillian works at Made From Scotland, I felt I should probably tell you guys reading my blog about how much I love their beaut homewares, accessories, art & jewellery, instead of just gushing to her all the time about it. All of the items on the website and in-store - in the pop-up store on Rose Street, Edinburgh - are Scottish in origin or theme and are aimed at showcasing the creativity of Scottish produce, without all the cheesy tackiness associated with those tourist shops on the Royal Mile.. (you know the ones.) 

I'll let the founders themselves explain their philosophy for the store.

The Made From Scotland mission:
"In Scotland we have a huge number of creative people who produce many varied and beautiful products. The madefromscotland.com team were becoming increasingly frustrated that what the world saw were mainly the stereotypical traditional Scottish pieces and, to be honest, we were a little bit embarrassed.
We decided to get together and create a site where individual companies and designer-producers could show the quality and variety of contemporary products available from Scotland…and the idea for madefromscotland was born."
*round of applause*

Made From Scotland stocks brands from Lily Mo jewellery to Gillian Kyle's fantastically illustrated Scottish homewares (I am IN LOVE with the Scotland The Brave mug and am gonna make Gillian pick me up one ASAP, soz). There's also the cutest cloud earrings from Kathleen Stewart on there and I'm gonna have to get those stuck on the ol' festive wishlist (refuse to use the word for that holiday as of yet..)

What will you be sticking on your Made From Scotland wishlist this winter?



  1. Such a lovely post :) I am from Scotland too! and must admit I have never heard of this website so thanks for sharing! I really like the bone china bird mug and think these would come in perfect for Christmas gifts alongside the stag tea towel :') x


    1. Hey Jenny, no problem :) it really is the cutest, isn't it? The bird mug is definitely gonna have to come home with me..! x


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