My Dream Sunday with OnePiece (& a Special Offer!)

19 October 2014

My Dream Sunday with OnePiece

One of my favourite times of the week is that blissful feeling when you're waking up on a Sunday morning knowing you have a day ahead of you filled with whatever you want - and, let's be honest, 9 times out of 10 it's going to involve your onesie and catching up on American Horror Story. So, when I was contacted by OnePiece who've launched their AW14 range and wanted to send me some items, I was sold. It was time to give my Sunday morning lazy routine a well deserved shake-up!

It was actually last winter that I discovered OnePiece and wrote up a post about their navy nordic onesie (see post here), but I kind of wrongly assumed that they were a company who solely focused on onesies.. Nope. I was wrong. Their new collection has a range of loungewear which I really like. I'm usually the type to end up in my teenage Guns N' Roses band tee or Primark's finest pyjamas come Sunday morning, but OnePiece has encouraged me to make more of an effort on investing in luxe comfy clothes that'll keep me going through every Sunday morning..

My Dream Sunday with OnePiece
The 'Stay in Bed' Tomorrow Sweater - £49

My Dream Sunday

♥ Waking up around 10am and having a long ol' stretch in bed
♥ Catching up on my Bloglovin feed
♥ Scrolling Instagram to see what everyone's cooking up for brunch
♥ Tucking into a big stack of fluffy American pancakes with maple syrup & blueberries
♥ Slipping on my slippers & cosy clothes
♥ Endless cups of tea
♥ Flicking through Betty magazine and getting lost in the pretty pictures
♥ Giving my nails a good buff & polish
♥ Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest (I can't help myself..)
♥ TV marathons with my flatmate
♥ Impromptu naps wrapped up in a fluffy throw
♥ Lighting my favourite Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay candle
♥ Doing my facial massage routine guided by Lisa Eldridge with my Antipodes oil
My Dream Sunday with OnePiece
I don't always look this awkward when drinking cups of tea, promise..
My Dream Sunday with OnePiece
Scrolling through Pinterest wanting everything EVER.

My Dream Sunday with OnePiece
The 'Smooch' Pant in Black - £39
What does your dream Sunday look like?

Overall, OnePiece has certainly revved up my Sunday morning routine.. or should I say, made me sink even lower into the sofa and nap for hours.. Soz.

Psst! I have a 15% discount code for you guys to use to start your own OnePiece look for Sunday lounging.

Use the code 'THELIKELYLADY' at the check out. - Valid only from 20/10/14 - 27/10/14.



  1. This sounds like the perfect sunday! And I LOVE that sweater, I definitely need it in my closet!


  2. Tea is my thing, i often feel like i've drunk so much at the weekend that I must be sloshing about!


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