Behind The Work Space: Stationary Wishlist

28 November 2014

Behind The Work Space: Stationary Wishlist
Today's post is a follow-up from the really popular post I wrote on desk inspiration (here) back in August. I'm still making my desk feel a little prettier myself, now that I'm in the working world working in digital content post-University. Oh, and it's taken me so long to actually post this follow-up, but here I am! Forgive me, but it is a really great selection so hopefully that makes the delay worth it! It's all been sourced via Etsy and Pinterest, and I'm sure it'll give you some inspiration for your own desks, whether you're a student, an office worker or a freelancer.. or, y'know, even just a really stylish mum!

WIWT: Birthday Dress, Sparkles & Berry Lips

25 November 2014

Hey guys!

Today is my 23rd birthday, and - as always - I had a wee jaunt into town with some friends to celebrate this past weekend. We headed to Cafe Andaluz on George Street, Edinburgh first to demolish so many tapas dishes (FYI, chorizo in red wine, calamari & duck in red wine were my picks.. do I sense a red wine theme here? Whoops). We also shared some Sangria and sipped on French Martinis.. Essentially, a lovely start to the night. Afterwards, we popped over to my favourite pub, The Blackbird, to carry on drinking into the evening until the lights came up. I definitely indulged in a cheeky Zombie cocktail (all kinds of rum, heeello) and merrily skipped on home with a big ol' grin on my face. A pretty adult affair, but one I am happy I did. These days, I really do much prefer being in the pub with my friends crying with laughter than struggling to hear them in a club (In the words of Blink 182.. what's my age again?!). SO. Here's what I wore for the occasion.. and what I'm likely to wear again tonight for my actual birthday's meal out with my parents.

Tempus Bar: Autumn/Winter Menu Launch

18 November 2014

Tempus Bar Edinburgh Autumn/Winter Menu Launch
Hey guys!

A few weeks ago, I was invited back to Tempus Bar to sample their new autumn/winter menu. Having really enjoyed last year's summer menu launch (post here) and this January's Burns Night burger event (here), it only took me a split second to say yes to this invite when it appeared in my inbox! So here's what's on the menu for this season at The George Hotel's Tempus Bar.. Get ready to salivate, I'm warning you now.

WIWT: Winter Florals, Roebuck Skulls & Idaho Boots

16 November 2014

Recently, I attended a Duo Boots blogger event on Castle Street, Edinburgh. I'd never heard of the brand before an invite popped into my inbox, so it was exciting to go and try them out and decide on the right winter boots for me! My old boots needed replacing, so this was perfect timing. I decided to pair my chosen boots - the Idaho Ankle Boots* - with my new New Look blouse and my Runaway Fox necklace, along with the standard Topshop Joni Jeans and a slick of Kate Moss #107 berry lipstick (naturally!). Let's take a look at the outfit deets and a few snaps from the event..

The Quest for a Trademark Scent: YSL Parisienne

5 November 2014

I've written previously about my love affair with Miss Dior Cherie coming to an end, but I was yet to decide on a new perfume to take its place.. There's been brief toying with Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede, as well as dabbling in lots of long-forgotten perfume samples I'd thrown into the nearest skin-care stash drawer with the intention of taking on my next holiday. I've even envied Gillian's Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon (and still do!) But the trademark scent vacancy remained open...'til now. Here's a little review of my new favourite perfume: YSL Parisienne.

Halloween Snapshots

2 November 2014

As it's not strictly Halloween anymore (sob), I thought I'd share some shots of our Halloween celebrations over the weekend and let the pictures do the talking.. See my Instagram for all the costume details too! Clue: Party time! Excellent!

Also, my 'Halloween Trick or Treats' board on Pinterest was featured over the season on their newsletter! So exciting. Check it out for the recipes of what we made this year and other ideas you might wanna use next year.. hey, it's never too early to plan for the greatest seasonal celebration ever, right..? ;)