Behind The Work Space: Stationary Wishlist

28 November 2014

Behind The Work Space: Stationary Wishlist
Today's post is a follow-up from the really popular post I wrote on desk inspiration (here) back in August. I'm still making my desk feel a little prettier myself, now that I'm in the working world working in digital content post-University. Oh, and it's taken me so long to actually post this follow-up, but here I am! Forgive me, but it is a really great selection so hopefully that makes the delay worth it! It's all been sourced via Etsy and Pinterest, and I'm sure it'll give you some inspiration for your own desks, whether you're a student, an office worker or a freelancer.. or, y'know, even just a really stylish mum!

Behind The Work Space: Stationary Wishlist
From clockwise top left: Customised pencils - from a selection, Etsy | Gold Bow Pins - Kate Spade | Personalised Notecard Set - Etsy | Pastel Washi Tape Keyboard DIY - Tape from a selection, Etsy | 'Do Something Awesome' Notebook - Etsy | Personalised 'Hello' Note Cards - Etsy | Kraft polka dot journal - SUGAR PAPER via Selfridges | Eiffel Tower Scissors - from a selection, Etsy | 'Y ou Are Doing A Great Job' mug - Click and Blossom

What do you think of my stationary wishlist line-up? Will you be popping on to Etsy or whipping out the DIY skills to make your desk a little more you?



  1. I think your wishlist is great and the little bow pins are the cutest!



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