The Quest for a Trademark Scent: YSL Parisienne

5 November 2014

I've written previously about my love affair with Miss Dior Cherie coming to an end, but I was yet to decide on a new perfume to take its place.. There's been brief toying with Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede, as well as dabbling in lots of long-forgotten perfume samples I'd thrown into the nearest skin-care stash drawer with the intention of taking on my next holiday. I've even envied Gillian's Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon (and still do!) But the trademark scent vacancy remained open...'til now. Here's a little review of my new favourite perfume: YSL Parisienne.

If ever there was a scent that could knock a man dead, this is it. Okay.. maybe not, but wow.. I have to say it: men really like this scent. I never usually get asked what I'm wearing, but when I wear this I always do.

YSL Parisienne is described as:
"a portrait of a woman incredibly free. She was not born in Paris but Paris adopts her. Because she conveys the joy of living and loving in the moment. She fully reveals herself to the day with this new interpretation, an Eau de Parfum fresh and sensual, vibrating of energy. A grand floral with a woody structure,. The top note adds the shine of vinyl, the tartness of cranberry softened by sparkling, succulent, fruity blackberry."
It is a little bit reminiscent of Miss Dior Cherie isn't it..? Definitely her older sultrier sister, though. Coming out of uni and into the working world means I feel like I'm becoming a woman, and with that new start comes a new trademark scent. Also, if you're looking for a scent which works just as well in the daytime as the evening, this little lady has got you covered.

What's your trademark scent, and will you be giving YSL Parisienne a try?



  1. I really love citrus, so my go to scent is I Love Love by Moschino. I know I've smelled this YSL one but I just can't remember how it was. :] // ☼ ☯

  2. I love anything citrus - particularly if it's quite orangey.

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