10 Things That Have Made Me Smile

7 December 2014

10 Things That Have Made Me Smile
Clockwise from top left: Catching up with Megan at the Christmas Market; Cambridge Satchel Company bags of dreams; Home-made Sunday roast with Gillian; decorating the Christmas tree

1. Burning my Space NK Shimmering Spice candle which I got from Gillian for my birthday. Turning an average evening into the cosiest and most festive-feeling evening ever. Pair it with fairy lights and blankets and, voila! Instant bliss.

2. Catching up with my old friend Megan at the Christmas Market and Bar Soba. I love this girl. She was the goff to my indie kid when we were younger.. just a shame my bestie Emma couldn't come too!

3. Our Game Masters exhibition launching at work. I'm in love with it! I headed to the staff preview on Thursday and it was the most fun ever. I also embarrassingly got a selfie with Sonic the Hedgehog; our Game Masters mascot. I'm a child, it's true.

4. Reading books again. I'm loving Mindy Kaling's 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?' when I'm winding down in bed at night. I also really loved Arianna Huffington's 'Thrive' - perfect for workaholics who need to learn to balance out their life and have a bit more respect for their well-being. I'm luckily quite good at separating work life and personal life, but I know many people struggle.

5. Early bedtimes. On Thursday night I got 10 and a half hours sleep (!), and it was magical. Friday at work I was probably the most productive I've been since starting. Sleep is definitely underrated.

5. Roast dinners from scratch. Always.

6. A new laptop (let's ignore #2 here, this was a necessary purchase, sadly!) Seriously, guys.. It's been 6 years. Maybe I'll actually be able to blog for once!? (My laptop is seriously dead and this puts me off blogging as it takes 10x longer to write posts)

7. The Cambridge Satchel Company pop-up shop in Edinburgh. I went to the blogger event on Friday evening and I really enjoyed it! For a start, we were greeted with warm mulled wine, which I never say no to.. I also had my first mince pie of the season at the event. Yay! Apart from me excited about the food & drink, the best part was obviously the bags. I've had my eye on a Cambridge satchel for years, and the event gave me the chance to see the different sizes and colour options up close. Right now, I'm feeling a bright green 14" satchel. Thoughts, guys? We also got leather key-rings embossed with our initials on the night, which was a lovely touch (if you're wondering, I picked red).

8. Fresh Christmas sheets. Whipping out my favourite Primark festive sheets from last year was definitely a highlight.. they're so warm too! Getting out of bed has become super hard.

9. Writing up my Christmas present shopping list in Evernote. How did I even live without this app?

10. And finally.. decorating the Christmas tree! I haven't had my own Christmas tree away from home before (never anywhere to put it in my old flats), so I'm happy I can feel festive in the flat as well as when I'm home for Christmas. Cuuute!

What's making you smile this week? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. I agree with the sleep. I slept loads on Monday/Tuesday and had a really good Wednesday and Thursday :)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. yeah, I'm definitely gonna keep it up! So worth it for the productivity at work :)

  2. Sleep is amazing! And congrats on the new laptop :)



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